Monday, March 12, 2012


march lake
Yesterday I took the children down to the shore of the lake we love so much. We've been coming to this same spot since my son was two. The first warm day of the year always beckons us back. Water. Stone. Wood. They greet us like old friends. Come touch, gather and toss us. Come play!
lake love
There is nothing that keeps me more present, more "awake", and more joyful than experiencing the natural world with these two beauties of mine. Visiting this second home without walls or ceilings reminded me of how important traditions outside truly are. Do you have a special place in nature that you return to year after year? This spring is the perfect time to discover your spot, if you haven't already.
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  1. oh, yes - we have so many favorites!! yesterday was gorgeous here, too. here's our yesterday on the AT:

  2. We may have missed the running of the ladel...explanation to share soon. I am in high gear on my day off...cannot slow down the productivity!

  3. Glad to see that you are all well!
    We too retreat to nature on a regular basis.(thankfully it's all around us!) Seeing your children with bare legs makes me wish our days were less wet and warmer!
    Have a great week!
    ~ joey ~

  4. So many places we love. The shoreline, of course. Local nature trails. The backyard!! It's so nice to get outside in a warm sun.

  5. The water is so clear, reminds me of a lake we saw in the Yukon. Have a good day.

  6. It may sound a little strange, but this time of year means that lambing is about to commence and for the next few months I will spend most days (and occasionally a night) with my sheep. I never get tired of watching new lambs being born and then, in no time at all, they are jumping and running and enjoying life. So much like children - they bring back memories of my own babies.

  7. It's not so much a place as a habit. I find myself constantly walking through our garden and checking on every little bit of growth peeking through the dirt. Gently clearing away leaves and feeling the excitement of "new green" and the promise of warm weather lushness to come.

  8. There's a park (plus nature trail), which is one of the few places around here where you can forget that you're in a city. Back home I lived a 5 minute walk away from the hillside / farmland / country walks / tiny English villages. This park is one of the few places that feels remotely like that.

  9. Gorgeous photos, Maya! It's always a pleasure to visit here!

  10. I am with you on exploring as a family...really grounds me and brings me utmost joy. xo