Monday, February 27, 2012

monday, monday

Mondays. You know I love them. Fresh starts. Beginnings. All that jazz. Yet, as upbeat as you often hear me... sometimes I want to crawl right back under the covers, such as the first day back to reality after a vacation. That would be today... but even before the alarm went off, I was catapulted out of bed by the voice of my daughter in total panic, despair, and quite frankly- rage.  Her terribly loose tooth, at the dangle stage, still wasn't out. She had gone to bed miserable because she didn't want to return to school without it missing. But that little baby pearl was hanging on, by a very strong thread. Her frustration was loud and guaranteed to wake the house with a jolt. Not "the easing into a week I had wanted for all of us. But there it is. What we desire and envision doesn't always take into account the nuances of daily life. As parents, there are constant fires to put out, sometimes on an hourly basis. It's just what we do. I'm sure you have your tricks... I pulled out my whole repertoire this morning. My saving grace for this rocky back to school start was my breath. In and out.  And now that the storm has passed (however tooth still there), I'm sitting at my quiet desk and the mountain of catch up work ahead of me looks quite tame compared to the navigation of a passionate seven year old's melt down. And since I didn't get my early a.m. to finish my planned post, I thought I'd just be with YOU- spontaneously and authentically. Hi. Hello. Hope your Monday is off to a better start than mine. Perhaps I should breathe again... and maybe share a few things that get me going or just all out inspire... that sounds win/win for both of us, doesn't it?
Happy Makers:
-putting this creme on my face each night is a sensual and decadent experience... makes waking up sweeter.
-doing this 4 minute power workout has become my new favorite way to recharge... it'll kick you in the pants!
-making coffee with my cilio when I need some serious caffeine
-stumbling upon (and snapping photos of) Nancy Judd's Recycle Runway exhibit in the Atlanta Airport last week- so good!
-reading An Everlasting Meal after my mother wouldn't stop raving about it... she was right, as usual.
-discovering Sonia Romero's art,and falling in love with this mural.
-dreaming of spring gardening with these lovely pins.

Breathing. In and Out. That's better. Oh, yes.

Do you have any Happy Makers to get this Monday rolling?
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  1. we finally had to take my seven year-old to the dentist to snip the 'thread' on one of those danglers... in her case, the boney part of the tooth was cutting her gums every time she wiggled it, and the root just wasn't dissolving, even after a month...
    somebody had also told me about tying a piece of dental floss around the root and tightening the knot with a strong tug, so that the floss severs the dangling root -- but i was worried she'd just end up with a yard of floss stuck in her mouth, and never tried it...
    HAPPY, HAPPY MONDAY (I'm raising a spoonful of Nutella -- ahem, i mean a spoonful of flax-riddled cereal -- to you, from over here, across the country...)

  2. Very rocky Monday morning here, too, and it wasn't even our first day back, since Thursday & Friday were make-up days. So not only were we cheated out of a full week off, we STILL had a Monday-after-school-break meltdown. I don't get it.

    I am heading out for a walk with the 3yo as soon as the lunch dishes are washed. My body needs some movement.

  3. Monday? Is it really MOnday? We had a pretty quiet morning. Mr grumpy pants graced us with his presence just long enough to be seen, heat up some coffee and mumble answers to any questions. He had already showered and eaten before anyone else and disappeared back into his room to "get ready" before anyone could disturb his quietude! (he is NOT a morning person... well he has 9 months to "enjoy" his morning before he embraces his time in the USMC!) The younger two actually made it out of the house w/ lunches, backpacks, and sporting equipment and NO melt downs! They trailed after their older brother aka mr grumpy pants as they made their way out to the truck to head to school.

    And the book... isn't it wonderful!?! I got both the Everlasting meal and Popina book of baking for my birthday last week!

    Hope your day and week improves!

  4. After such a bad start, I hope that you day is going better.

  5. Hi! Cute coincidence,- I wake up just like you today. My daugther was crying because of her tooth, that was loose and painful. She went to school and back - still with her loose tooth. We are all hoping that it will fall out soon! I told her about your daughter, who lives far, far away, and just like her, has a tooth that don't want to fall out! :)

    Anne, Norway

  6. Oh Maya I hope your day has improved! Being on opposite sides of the continent it's probably almost the end of the school day for you, I hope it goes well!
    Sending you a BIG hug!
    ~ joey ~

  7. Ah, won't it be so nice when we can get into the garden again. I cannot wait. Love the artwork you shared. Happy Monday! Good luck with the loose tooth!

  8. That book is definitely an escape from the "real" world. Its so inspiring, and yet, so common sense, no?
    Whenever I have a bad start to my week, I think to myself - I suppose it can only get better!
    I have a passionate 7 year old in my house as well - it can be intense! Try doing what we do - put on Tito Puente and DANCE!

  9. We, too, had a rough start to our Monday. Thankfully things got better from there!

  10. It sounds like many mornings one would have with children in the house :-) My advice? RUN LIKE THE that would help, they would follow. Life is wonderful isn't it. Yes I think so.

  11. oh man, the tabata workout kicks my butt. it's amazing how four minutes can do so much! i downloaded a free tabata timer app on my ipod and either do burpees or jump squats. it takes me almost twice as long to recover as it does to do the workout :)

  12. Oh I've so been there. A way to find balance among all. I'm horrible though, I usually forget to stop and breath in - breath out. I need to find inner peace. My calm. I just seem to go, go, go, go! Which is one of the reason I like stopping by here more often than not, you remind me of the importance of slowing down, taking it all in and enjoying every moment. thank you.