Thursday, February 23, 2012

here and....

I don't have too many words in this moment of right here and now. My family and I are just returning from a very overdue vacation... in the sun and by the sea. After 8 days of being (almost completely) unplugged and living in bathing suits, I'm still adjusting to the fresh snow that greeted us while we were landing last night. That crazy descent, followed by our 2 hour drive through a mini blizzard, has me savoring the laundry mountains that smell like the ocean, wild trade winds, and are still quite covered in white sand. But, it's good to be home, even if snow boots are replacing our flip flops. I'll be back some time today, or quite possibly tonight, with the winners to all of last week's wonderful giveaways! Here's to loving where ever you are... right here and right now! Pin It


  1. Wishing you a gentle transition from this point forward...After the snow-drive and all, I'm guessing that wasn't too gentle!

  2. Thanks Amy! Definitely not gentle in the wee hours of the morning... but now that the sun is up, the new fallen snow is gorgeous and inspiring!

  3. Wishing you have a comfortable transition period. All the best!

  4. What a simple and perfect photo. It makes me yearn for the sea. I'm missing my days on the water here in landlocked upstate NY. Lovely Lovely Lovely.

  5. Maya, we had a similar experience. Last week, we returned home from our first family trip. The grey skies and sleet were a little bit of a bummer but after a day or so, we have adjusted. Signs of spring were a big help. Welcome home.



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