Tuesday, December 27, 2011

winter postcards #4

Winter Postcards: a series of snapshots capturing this magical time of year
Format: Instagram (follow username mayamade for sneak peeks)
His playing moves me so much.
Christmas morn

Frosting her own cake!
Sandwiched between two very special birthdays (each with their own chocolate cakes!) has been a whirlwind of love, piano playing, and twinkly lights. Fueled by some serious caffeine, the sewing machine whirred into the wee hours of far too many nights. So today... I sit. I listen. I watch. I play. While the holiday and birthday glitter settle-  fresh books are cracked opened and new games are set out on the table. This last week of the year might be my favorite one of all. All the hustle comes to a gentle crawl as we settle in for some serious time together without the distractions of our usual schedules. 
I also see a rare winter nap by the fire in my future. Yes, I do!

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  1. Oh, the nap I had yesterday was the best present of all! Merry, merry . . .

  2. I am down to one nap a day, which is such progress! But I have an ironclad excuse, Lyme plus the toxic meds, and I spent a good part of Christmas day on the couch with a book. What a rest!! Enjoy yours, and this week of calm.

  3. I feel the same way about this last week of the year, Maya. Late mornings, second cups of coffee, lots of reading throughout the day without the guilt of feeling that I should be doing something else. The something else will always get done another week. Enjoy the week, Maya.