Thursday, December 15, 2011

squam in the new year

squam lake june 11
Today is the launch of all things SQUAM! Please take a look right here... a gorgeous new website will greet you with the announcement of next year's retreats and offerings. It's all incredibly exciting and dreamy! The line up of classes, teachers, and locations is just amazing. I'm honored to be teaching at three of next year's retreats... with workshops that encompass my great loves: printing and sustainable (and soulful) stitching. Crazy wonderful! The experiences and relationships that have grown out of my years at Squam have completely changed my life. No exaggeration. And I'm not alone. The many transformations and connections made on that lake have rippled out into the universe. Making space in our lives for creativity and soul deepening should not be an afterthought. As the world's pace quickens, more of us are recognizing the importance of slowing down, using our hands, listening to our hearts and strengthening our connections face to face. The internet is powerful, but ultimately we need to touch and see one another in person. I would love to meet you... or hug you once more on the shores of Squam Lake. And this year I get so say "even by the sea!"
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  1. Oh Maya! I would SO love to be able to nip across the continent and join you!
    I'm so excited, today I'm going to give your bucket pattern a try to give to my Mom for Christmas! I've also been playing with walnut shells and reliving my childhood! ;o) tee hee! Fun times!
    ~ joey ~

  2. Wouldn't this be a fun retreat to go on with my best friend?! The price is a little high, especially with cross-country travel, but I'm looking into it! Thanks for sharing, Maya.

  3. Oh I am so excited Maya! Your classes look amazing. I will be at the same three. I can't believe I am teaching this year. Feels surreal. xoxoxo

  4. i've been dreaming about SQUAM for a couple of years now. hoping to make it a reality this year...
    lovely to hear that you'll be teaching :)

  5. i have been dreaming about SQUAM for a couple of years now. hoping to make it a reality this year...
    lovely to see that you're teaching there :)

  6. I would love to attend Squam. Alaska is a bit far to travel from, but maybe someday.

  7. Maya, do you think Squam will ever offer a retreat in the summer when school is out? I am a teacher who would LOVE to participate in one of the retreats, but they always seem to be the first weekend in June, which is right at the time when we are taking finals and grades are due. would they ever push it back to the second or third week, or offer something in July or the beginning of August?

  8. Michelle gd- I hope you'll go for it! I'd love to meet you!

    This is my life- Yes, Alaska is quite far... however I did have someone from Alaska in my Fall class!

    Audra- I know! The timing is awkward for anyone who had children or teaches them. That is definitely not overlooked or done intentionally. It is simply the only time that the main location in NH has available for such a large group. I wish it weren't so, as well.