Tuesday, November 15, 2011

nature buckets

gathering bucket of nature
Bringing the outside in is my favorite way to get ready for the winter season. Sticks, branches, pine cones, nuts, berries, bark... they're all fair game for gathering. After posting yesterday about  nature wreaths, I realized that we had to get going before the rain set in for the week. Out came our trusty buckets. I figured we'd leave the pine cones by the wood stove to let them dry and open, and then perhaps work on a project later this week. This photo was ultimately meant for that post, but when I read Soule Mama this morning I realized that today was the day to talk about buckets! Amanda has been busy with my bucket pattern. For nature sorting. Love that! We both have 6 year old girls with big ideas, and I was so happy to see how she created beautiful buckets to help Adelaide organize her inspiration. My daughter still uses her little acorn gather bucket. It's unlined burlap to handle the dirt and sap of pine cones. It has only one handle, but is essentially the small bucket from the nesting bucket pattern. The big one, pictured above, is one of my first buckets, but is very similar to the large size of the nesting buckets. So, if you're going to be doing some gathering... you may want to try your hand at one. The pattern was created for beginning sewers and busy parents- in other words: they're quick to whip up! Thanks Amanda, for your lovely review. Pin It


  1. Having read both yours and Amanda's posts today I now so want to try that pattern and I also need to find a 6 year old to come gather stuff...maybe my 13 year old who is taller than me will pretend for a while?

  2. thank you again for your reply on amanda's blog. i feel these buckets are calling my name finally!!

    i really enjoy your blog and work. thanks for being so inspiring!!

  3. Love your big buckets. Love gathering from the woods. This is a perfect post. xox Corrine

  4. Well today was the day for me too! I have been admiring your buckets for ages and today I ordered the pattern! My 6 year old son was outside yesterday gathering things for his magic show - btw "Todd Carr's Backyard Magic" is a great book, picked it up at the Thrift store last week!
    Happy Holiday Sewing!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Thanks friends! It's been a super busy day! I'm so happy for each and every person that has decided to give bucket making a go!

  6. I love your nesting bucket pattern and have made many but realized I'd given them all away as gifts. This post made me realized that I need to make some more. Immediately! :-)

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