Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cat Tale

cat girl
I hope you had a wonderful Halloween... we sure did, but I'm grateful that it's only one night out of the year. However, this girl black cat of mine intends to climb back into her fur as often as possible. Note the mask worn with the heavy coat above. She let me know her intention to wear the cat suit all winter long, before I even started cutting out the fleece. This was good information to factor in, along with the knowledge that it was going to be a chilly trick or treating night.  So, I should tell you the little details about the suit:
-I traced the body of one of her zipper footie pajamas (because it doesn't get much more comfy than that) and kept in mind the need to wear layers underneath, so added a little extra room around the torso. 
-I bought the black fleece on sale when we first moved to the east coast, but hadn't cut into it until now.
-Mitten/paws were decided upon 10 minutes before we left the house- zippity sewing!
-The tail was attached a wee bit low (whoops).
-The mask was made in lieu of face paint because of skin sensitivities.
-The black zipper went missing so we opted for a good ol' button.
-The big brother decided he wasn't too old to go at the last minute, and came up with his final costume 5 minutes before the trick or treating began (traveling salesman!).

It all came together rather quickly once we all got down to it. I was just so relieved that the cat didn't change her mind in the final hour (as so many little ones do). She remained constant. Not sure why I doubted... especially when she shared this story that she wrote while I was sewing on Sunday morning. She declared her "half cat" identity right there on the page.
true story
Here is my interpretation... I corrected some spelling and  added some context just to make it readable to all of you, but truly the original is absolutely priceless and totally perfect for me, as is.

True Story
Once upon a time there was a cat. Its name was Hickory (our tabby). And he has been in my life since I was born I have always been (as if) I was half cat. Maybe because I have always had a cat in my family. He has always understood me. I think now I am six almost seven, he is still the best part of my life and I love to read about them (cat stories) if I can! 
 the end
And yes, those are patent leather knee high boots. I know. Amazing!  Big thanks to our hand-me- down-fairy, the Big T! I wouldn't be surprised if I found this black cat romping in the snow with Hickory one day soon. For now, she roams the woods as all good country cats do.
cat on the prowl
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  1. amazing..!:) we have two kitties in our family now (for about 3 weeks) and I can see - they ARE best part of my 6-not-yet-almost-7 girl's life:)

  2. That is about the cutest thing ever (the costume and the story)! And I am seriously thinking about naming my next cat Hick'Roy! :)

  3. Very very beautiful.the cat costume,the story,you helping her with her wish...just wonderful,really.congratulations!!!

  4. very cute & comfy looking! I love the mask.

  5. She is the best little cat ever. Good job.

  6. Okay, I loved this whole thing. When I started to read your girl's story, I thought it said, "Once a paw a time..." (!!!) I think that I might have to start all future cat stories like that!

  7. This is adorable. I love it! Kids are just the best. My son says the greatest things everyday - what fun it will be to read his stories when he is old enough to write! Thanks for sharing.

  8. very cute costume...she looks like she had so much fun!

  9. Oh her costume is great! I love the photo of her running in the field!
    Happy November!
    ~ joey ~

  10. I wanted to let you know that this "fake" blogger seems to have hijacked content from your blog. Basically, this blog seems to be one giant blog of stolen content. I have used the blogger "report abuse" form to submit complaints as I find my own content on this blog. Here is the link to the content that I believe is yours. http://howtomakecraft.blogspot.com/search/label/Handicrafts

  11. Could she be more adorable? I don't think so...

  12. Lights finally back here, that's one cool cat, our Halloween is late since we couldn't see anything this week in our town. Maybe some cats will be in our woods. xox Corine