Thursday, September 1, 2011


our plums
A new month... and with it comes:
  • My first born turning thirteen. 13!
  • School days and the promise of a familiar rhythm.
  • A trip to New Hampshire to see my family and then teach at my first Fall Squam.
  • Lots of sewing- buckets, pouches and such to bring to the Squam Art Fair on  9/17.
  • Plums and pears from our own trees. It's our biggest crop yet, and we're all itching to get the ladder out, but they need just a little more time. In the meantime we dream of favorites: pear upside down cake, poached pears, pear and ginger galettes, plum cobbler, plum jam, and of course plumple sauce!
  • Apples. Apples. Apples. To the orchards we will go!
  • A new pattern (finally!) for later on in the month... when it gets just a bit cooler!
  • Maybe a chance to wear my birthday boots! Trying to be patient.
  • Continued editing of The Book. Still pinch myself now and then. 
  • T*I*M*E* (when I return from NH) to create and share my process with you, something I've missed  dearly.
  • And did I mention that thirteenth birthday?! I'd better not get started. This milestone definitely influenced Monday's post.
And you? What do you see when you turn the calendar page?

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  1. beautiful photos! have fun while visit here (NH) :)

  2. September is my birthday month, but I don't care--I'm not ready for summer to end this year. I have so enjoyed having my kids all home and I'm super resentful that the hectic school schedule is starting up again (a week late, thanks to Irene).

  3. Oh how I love September. The mushrooms start popping, the produce at the farmer's market is in full swing, it's almost jeans and t-shirt weather...what's not to love?

    Hope yours is wonderful.

  4. I'm sharing the same birthday month as your son! Looking forward to cooler weather, crisp leaves, and lots of apple cider!

  5. Our blog posts have matching titles today! :)

    September is the BEST. I love it so much. So much to look forward to, and the best mixture of coziness indoors and crisp weather beckoning you outdoors.

    Looking forward to your autumn posts!!

    xoxo Dawn

  6. September is such a turning point here in Alaska, we get a jumpstart on autumn with darkness and falling leaves already. I'm looking forward to meeting you at Squam!
    xoxo Kim

  7. September is my favourite month.
    *Today is our 20th anniversary! We were just babes when we tied the knot and I'd do again in a heartbeat!
    *My first born turns 9 this month! We're having our first "not in the home" party at an Art Studio in the woods! Should be so much fun!
    *Gently easing back in to a school rhythm
    *My husbands starts a much needed 3 month holiday this month, he hasn't taken one in over 6.5 years!

  8. September means beautiful weather for me...I'm a Fall/Spring girl...but I've several vending events lined up so I'm excited to go stretch my fingers in the kitchen. I went to the website for looks glorious, I would love to go there

  9. September one of my favourite months, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top photo!
    have a lovely September!

  10. Happy Birth-day to YOU, Mom.
    Love those pears!

  11. We missed the turning of the calendar here... We've been hit pretty hard by Hurricane Irene. We have 6 trees down, rootballs and all, in our 1/2 acre yard. We just got power and phone back last night. Today is the first day in a week that I have stopped and realized that September is here... I'm looking forward to cooler temps, new books coming out ;-) and a renewed appreciation for this fragile yet resilient life we are caretakers of....