Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer postcards #6

Summer Postcards: a July series capturing snapshots of my favorite month
Special guests: my nieces who traveled six thousands miles to be here this month
Location: in and around HOME and BARN
Format: Instagram (follow username mayamade for sneak peeks)
hosted by Grandma this week!
Just do it!
the days continue to unfold with adventures
Birthday girl!
and celebrations... as one sweet girl leaves childhood behind for a happy 13th birthday!

And here's the question:
Childhood- do we really have to leave it all behind when we grow up? As I try to make sure my children have the endless summer memories I cherished, aren't I keeping that bit of magic alive and well in myself? We all know know that answer! Pin It


  1. I just have to tell you that I LOVE your summer postcard idea!!! The pictures are wonderful with their vintage look and bring back such sweet memories from my growing up years.

  2. Awwww, can I come to cousin camp?! Are your cukes ready already? Ours are just flowering. I think I planted enough to make LOTS of jars this year! Yum!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Thanks Ashley!
    Joey- My mother bought a bunch from an Amish farm up the road that starts cukes early in their greenhouse.Lucky for us!

  4. Wow, another great photo set! 13, crazy, my baby girl is turning 11...it goes by so fast. I agree that making all these wonderful memories is a great way to preserve their childhood:)

  5. Again, beautiful. And as for the magic of childhood... Well, I'm still technically a child but my 'younger years' aren't the sunkissed summer documented here. Instead they are weeks spent making chocolate cake with my brother, feeding the ducks, and sitting anywhere with a library book, and they still make me feel about seven.

  6. What a great point! I do feel the magic of childhood (from time to time) as I try to intentionally carve out meaningful days with my little ones.

  7. Great time to create memories, thanks for sharing your blog.