Friday, April 1, 2011

April and a new Action Pack

Can you believe it's April? Looking out my window, you'd never know it. Spring is definitely having some foolery with us. But here are some sure signs that it's a fresh month:
  1. I turned all the calendars in the house.
  2. New sponsors to welcome: Blarter and Big Dreams.Small Wonders.  More to come on both of these, and don't forget about the other wonders over on the left sidebar. They are each fantastic.
  3. And last, but not least Kathreen  has launched the April issue of Action Pack! She's amazing, that Kathreen, and so is this issue.

    If you need a bit of sunshine, and some awesome ideas for your independent and curious middles sized child... here you go! Kathreen is generously offering my readers (you lovely ones, you!) a 20% discount to either or both issues of Action Pack. There is a maximum of 50 coupons available or until Sunday, which ever comes first - so you gotta be quick! Here's your coupon code: ''APMayaMade0002'' 

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    1. Maya, I used to follow your blog a lot, but recently all you seem to be posting is stuff to buy. It's just advertising now. I am severely disappointed because I wish that people could demonstrate how to save money and be resourceful instead of just buying more stuff.

    2. Oh dear Anonymous,
      I'm so sorry that you feel that way... equally sorry that you didn't leave your name so that I could address you more personally. I find that negative comments tend to be left without a trace... too bad or a conversation might be had. If you had been following more regularly, you would know that I'm working quite hard on a dream project. It has meant that I can't share all of my free tutorials in the way of the past... but they are still up there in my sidebar and by the plenty! Simultaneously, I have been so excited by my fellow bloggers/friends who have been coming up with some wonderful creative ventures of their own, and grateful that they have wanted to offer them for free to some of my readers. The trend around here has been one of giveaways. I feel quite happy about that.Giveaways of books and art and educational children's e-magazines. All so good. So very good. If you're looking for even more FREE check out Blarter in my sidebar and get involved.