Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alphabet Glue winners!

It was great to hear all of your childhood favorite reads. As I didn't specify an age, it was interesting to find how many focused on  the chanpter books they read to themselves. This hadn't even crossed my mind, and I was somehow thinking the responses would be about mostly young children's literature. I love when you surprise me. It was fun and refreshing to hear titles I hadn't thought about in decades. Thank you! And just to clarify, although I adored The Little House on the Prairie series when I was little, and then with my son, and now with my daughter... the book I spoke of is The Little House.  Here's a picture in case you don't know this oldie but goody. It's a gem! I had to read it over again last night. Happy tears every time.
The Little House

So are you ready to get your Alphabet Glue on? Here are the four lucky winners:

 guam_mummy said...
Possum Magic by Mem Fox. A beautiful story from Australia with incredible illustrations.

melonkelli said...
I loved Make Way for Ducklings. So sweet.

Sara said...
The Hundred Dresses was one of my favorites! And The BFG. :)

Cinnamon said...
I am loving these e-magazines. They are soooo useful! I don't think I can actually pick a favorite book. We had no television growing up so all we did was read. I do remember reading the Narnia series over and over though.

Congratulations! Shoot me an e-mail and I'll forward it right over to Annie. Thanks!
 And for everyone else, here's the link directly to Alphabet Glue... $4 for the first issue. Pin It


  1. Congrats to the happy winners!!

  2. Oh yes, totally loved this book too. I wish I could track it down for my little ones.