Monday, October 18, 2010


 This weekend my family and I hit up the Friends of  the Library book sale, and I now have lots of new vintage crafting books to jump start some serious making and fall foraging. (The above stack is only a portion of our haul!) If you're anywhere nearby, it's worth the trip.
new old books
With some of this in mind, I brought a basket out for some gathering this morning.  We have a stand of huge white pines and several blue spruces on one side of our house, and each year they gift us with loads of pine cones.  I left plenty for the squirrels, who were out in full force.
Then I headed out to the field for some wild grasses. I'm not sure what it will all turn into, I'm just excited by their potential.
I think gathering raw materials and dreaming about what they might turn into is one of my favorite aspects of making. How about you, what part of the creation process gets you the most excited? The idea stage, the doing, the documenting, the end result or some other part in between? Pin It


  1. I have a few of those books the Dover Peasant Designs especially. Looking forward to your creative play.

  2. my favorite part is the INSPIRATION, the flash, the ah ha...

  3. Oh tell me please what you are going to do with your pine cones. We have so many, so so many, pine cones and I'd love to do something with them.

    I've debated fire-starters -- dipped in bees wax and tied with cinnamon but would love any and all ideas.

    For me the best part of creating is the idea. Sometimes I sit with that for quite a while before anything comes of it. Hence the lack of fire starters in our neck of the woods.

  4. i love hand stamped paper too. There is nothing more satisfying than a gift wrapped up in parcel brown paper.

  5. Oh my, I love a used book sale. Those look like some really great finds!

  6. My favorite part is after that i had an idea and i begin to think how is the better way, the better form, the better materials, the better colour.... some times the result is so much better than the original idea... and some times mi mind fills of another interesting projects to do whith those materials and colors. And, like i'm a new bloger, i'm so exciting thinking how to make the new post. I'm so far but i'm expecting " La Feria del libro de Valencia"... on March.
    (sorry for my english)
    Ah! Maya, Do you see my note book whith the "maya-closure" I'm so happy! Thanks!

  7. "Excited by their potential"... you live with the best outlook possible, Maya. x

  8. Wow. Amazing book finds. I love how those books led to your foraging. I am like you. During the creative process I get most excited during the gathering of materials that inspire me. I love the search. I love the adventure. It gives me fuel to do the harder part, making it work as a whole.

  9. for me is it definitely the doing
    and I love when an idea pops into my head and I have the time and the materials to see it to fruition without delay. That is the very best feeling.

  10. i love books and most of all i love a used book that is loved and then shared by others... and these set you got is an cave that hides many many wonderful secrets to explore. you made me start googling on upcoming books sales around here!

  11. After reading your thoughts and thinking about process all day, I came to the conclusion that what I love most depends upon the creation itself.For instance,with printing, it's all about process and the final impact at the end. Thanks for joining in the discussion.

  12. I like most the process. When I'm making something I get really into it and come up with even more ideas. I don't really like all the lingering and decision making before starting something. It is best if everything is ready to start! The end product might be totally different from the idea that started the process.

  13. I love finding those special Friends of the Library books. I think I have some of the same nature books you do.

    Happy gathering and creating.


  14. Our book sale is this weekend! I can't wait!



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