Friday, September 17, 2010

shop update preview

scissor bucket with vintage tatting
I was hoping to give you a full preview of Monday's sale items, but the misty gray skies have made it difficult to photograph anything with bits of color... but burlap and oatmeal linen are always easy to shoot. So, here are a few items you'll see in my shop along with that "big boy bucket" you admired yesterday. The dimensions for that biggie will be included in the shop listing... so if you have a burlap bucket pattern, I think you'll be able to figure out just how to make this large size, too.You can always e-mail me for help.
 Now, I'm off to eat, bake and sauce all those apples... I'm sure I'll have some helpers!  
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Oh it all looks so lovely. I need some Maya in my home...

  2. They beautiful! I love the look of the burlap.

  3. Everything looks really special, Maya. x

  4. I just love the burlap buckets, especially the ones with the handles. I think they would make a great container for a toddlers' blocks. The purse, too cute. Maya so creative.

  5. I so LOVE the bucket with scissors on the outside. Do you have any for sale? I didn't see any in your shop when I looked today after your shop update.

  6. So sorry, Jenn. It sold earlier today. I'll be making more.

  7. Love your style so delicade and wonderful :)

  8. I have been wanting to make some things out of burlap, but am having a hard time finding it. Where do you get your burlap from?

  9. Sanosal,
    I get all of my bags from our locale coffee bean roasters for a small fee. Check out your nearby coffee house and ask where they do their roasting. Good luck!



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