Saturday, June 26, 2010

welcome home/barn!

barn flower
When I wrote about our summer plans, I left out the best part. My mother returned last night to her barn! She's been many places since she last rested her head in her big white bed, and we're so thrilled to have her where we want her the most:  with US! My children began the count down long ago, and the anticipation built like crazy as we counted the minutes... seconds until she pulled up the gravel driveway yesterday evening. Singing, dancing and hugging... showing off new haircuts, yo yo tricks, and welcome notes on every blackboard surface in that barn!
barn 2
You've expressed much enthusiasm about both my mother and her "home" over the past two years, I'm looking forward to sharing her and a few more of our barn projects as the summer unfolds. Right now, she and my daughter are introducing the two new Whimsies that she brought to the rest of the collection... and I'm feeling so appreciative of this moment. All of our lives are ever changing and shifting, and this is one of those dips into sweetness that I'm savoring fully.
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  1. OMG she must feel very welcome! how lovely to have a nice family like yours. sweet flowers and welcome board. lovely again!

  2. What a beautiful welcome, you're mom must be made up. Have a fun time together.

  3. Enjoy this time with her as this is a gift you and your children will cherish for a long time. I am lucky enough to have my father live with me and my family. Everyday my children get to say good morning and good night to him...this is a gift that many people in this world cannot give to their children!

  4. How sweet! Love the little welcome sign!

  5. Aww, sweet post. I love that welcome home sign with the flowers.

  6. goodness it made me tear up ...a beautiful homecoming !!

  7. This post makes my heart sing since I am a grandma of one little, special grandgirl who loves me. To know how much your children love your mom makes me happy.


  8. welcome home mama/grandma. i wanna hear about your travels!



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