Monday, May 17, 2010

lemons, typewriters and yo-yos

lemons and ade
So many simple pleasures this weekend... sunshine and lots of  unhurried time with my favorite people made for a very a happy weekend. Lots of lemons entered into the picture, too. Lemonade, lemon berry muffins... and I finally made the lemon dish towel that has been on my mind since you all suggested it for my next print. It's the perfect example (for my printing classes) of moving beyond silhouettes to slightly increased complexity with stenciling.  I couldn't let go of the ginkgo image suggested, as well. I've drawn another stencil to cut, but first I wanted to carve that perfect little fan leaf into a stamp or two.
typed ginkgo
Here it is with one of the highlights of the weekend: our family's first typewriter! I've been on the lookout for one for several years, but all of the vintage ones I came across needed too much work, or were more than I was willing to spend. This sweet little Smith-Corona Classic 12 is a little newer than I had hoped for (60's), but it runs likes a charm and came with a brand new ribbon that we'll be putting in soon. A $5 price tag made it irresistible, and was the success story of yesterday's mother/daughter date to the flea market.
While we were thrifting, my son and his buddy were working on their two favorite things: yo-yoing and movie-making. They combined the two to make an amazing video, "says the proud mama"!
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  1. the lemons are great! i love the bright yellow.

  2. ooh we just got a typewriter this weekend too, after seeing Soulemama's post about it. Our is an electric one and not quite what I was looking for, but it was free and the kids are already typing up a storm!!!

  3. Love your lemon dish towel, too.
    And also what you did with the ginkgo leaves and the new typewriter. I should ask my father if we still have our old one.

    Lots of greatings from Germany,

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Love the lemons!

  5. Beautiful work on the towel and ginkgo!!! Great weekend indeed! I LOVED the video!! Seriously, that is some rad yo-yoing!

  6. I hadn't visited here in a while and it was such a joy to scroll down past posts and take in the beauty you see in the world and what you create!

    The kids yoyo video is also quite wonderful.
    Bravo boys!!!

    Love all your lemons and leaves and thanks for reminding me that we have an old typewriter up stairs in DH's office. Wonder if it works and can be used for my art?

  7. Maya I love your blog, your ideas, your creativity and am a big fan. Watching a video with kids in it with the heads out of sight made me sad, and I honestly did not quite understand the reason the kids hide their heads (privacy? then why post it at all?). Love all of the rest, as always.

  8. The lemon dish towel made me smile - I think it would be a great pick-me-up for some of this grey weather we are having in PA! The photograph of the typewriter and print is lovely too by the way. Warm wishes!

  9. Great lemon-yellow tea towel.

    I got a Smith-Corona typewriter like yours and used it in college. It's cool how far we've come from the old typewriter.

    Your yo-yo guys are really good!


  10. I love the lemmon dish towel. It's such a good feeling when you go on the hunt for something in particular and finally find it at the thrift store or flea market that has become one of my favorite things to do.

    Happy Hunting All!

  11. I am in love with those lemons! Simply gorgeous!

  12. those boys are amazing
    please thank them for the show

  13. some good lemon love... I will have to think about making some more lemony stuff. Thanks for your nice yo-yo comments, too. the boys are thrilled to have their yo-yo skills praised. as far as the comment regarding heads... weren't their crazy hand tricks the show? And yes, privacy is something both families requested of the boys when they decided to make it for YouTube.

  14. Oh, I also wnat a typewriter so much... good find!

  15. The yo-yo video is so fun! I used to work in a toy store and learned a few tricks years ago, but haven't picked up a yo-yo in years. Thanks for sharing!

  16. The lemons are beautiful. I am so happy you liked my suggestion of lemons even though they aren't a leaf or flower. I would absolutely purchase lemony items (especially kitchen). I hope some show up in your Etsy shop.

  17. I really love the typewriter. :) It reminds me of when I was little and I typed letters to my Aunt on my Grandma's typewriter. It was soooo much more fun than typing on a computer. :)



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