Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So far, this week seems to be about juggling. I honestly don't know how to keep all of the balls in the air, so I think I'll stop trying  for a minute. I'm fairly certain that if  I pause, something magical will happen to keep those "balls" suspended while I breathe. Inhale. Exhale. There should always be a moment to pause.

I took these photos over the weekend as I did yard work, not to rest- oh no!... just thinking they were a sweet vignette. This little bee landed on the pillow at just the perfect moment. She knew  how to stop her busy bee life for a bit... and just where to do it! Why didn't I follow her example?

update: 12:50 pm... did it! sat in the sunshine. no book. just me... and the bees.

Now, I'm wishing I had really sat back on those fluffed pillows under the magnolia... taking the time to open a book. I'll close my eyes and imagine. Perhaps today in the midst of juggling far too many things, I'll remember to breathe and go sit under those pink blossoms, if just for a moment. Won't you join me... inhale. exhale.
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  1. lovely!...quiero tomar una pausa en ese instante!

  2. I am indeed sitting under that beautiful tree and resting against those lovely pillows! I lose myself in the book, looking up occasionally only to listen to the bird songs and bees buzzing :)

  3. we're really on the same lengthwave, dear friend. I'm trying to force myself to slow down & take care of myself way more.
    PS : your photos are soooo pretty !

  4. looks like the perfect spot to kick back and relax! I hope you did it!

  5. gorgeous pics! Luv those bees!

  6. I'm trying to stop and smell the cherry blossoms. why is it so hard? why are we so driven. All my drive is kind anti establishment, but I still feel the need to be busy and do stuff and make stuff and rush.

    Today I will try to
    listen to music.
    smell some flowers.
    sing some songs.
    draw some pictures just for fun.
    take a walk?
    have a drink?
    read a book?

    BOY. that's a busy day of nothing. even my nothing is all stacked up and rushed. oops.

  7. 'm so glad to have found your blog and cloud 9 fabrics and lots of other great stuff. I will be sure to shop there for the my softies I am working on. I'll check back with you. Your pics are lovely! Ahhhh spring is so hopeful.

  8. I remember curling up in a chair when I was a teenager and just reading for hours on end. Right now I can't even read a blog for 5 minutes without having to get up and check on my kids...

  9. What a fine place to stop and rest. I hope you do often. I can just smell the fragrance of the blossoms.


  10. This is so magical Maya....I can't think of anything I love more, really....standing under gorgeous blossoms and looking up. This spot looks so inviting and beautiful, with the white chair, yummy pillows and a book...sigh. I hope you take advantage of it very soon my friend, you deserve it.