Tuesday, April 13, 2010

good mail!

Happiness has been arriving in my mail box! It began with the new guillerminas I purchased from lepiedleger. They're a  little early present for my summer birthday.  I can't remember the last time I bought myself a new pair of sandals! These are more comfortable and beautiful than I could have imagined. I've worn this style of shoe off and on for years, so I'm used to the business of laces, but these have a special little button on the heel to wrap the lace around and give you additional support... ingenious use of a simple notion. Did I mention that each pair is custom made for the wearer by hand! Julie (the designer) is totally amazing and has lots of different styles to choose from, plus she she's lovely to work with.

Also delivered by my friendly mail carrier: the latest issue of Stampington's Where Women Create! I feel so fortunate to have been invited to contribute to another one of Stampington and Company's wonderful publications. They are true champions of the art community, seeking out and promoting creativity with the kindest staff of editors. I wrote an article for their regular feature: She Remembers... about a transformative moment in my artistic development 18 years ago. It's quite a special memory to me and a bit surreal to see it in print, along with some photos of my workroom. Nothing like exposing yourself to make you feel vulnerable... and to accelerate growth, right?

 My studio... craft room... creative space is in this gorgeous magazine along side some awfully fancy art rooms from some extraordinary women. I'm not just feeling grateful and humbled, I'm feeling inspired to tidy mine up! I've only shown you glimpses of it. Compared to most of our house, it's a bit cluttered full. I'm excited to channel some of my spring cleaning mania into this room that I spend so much time in. Do you have a special room/corner/nook that you create in? How do you keep it organized? I'd love to know!

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  1. I LOVE the shoes!!! I spotted those on Etsy a while back and knew I needed to buy a pair - most likely in apple green!

  2. that's so exciting! if i see the magazine at the bookstore I'll be sure to find your article.

  3. the apple green shoes are delicious! I have a lot of apple green summer clothes so I shied away from being to matchy.
    Liane, glad you got to see your metal lunch box sitting on top (of the suitcase) in my room!

  4. I LOVE that magazine!!! So cool that you are in it!

  5. I do so love your new sandals! I better get out to buy the latest copy of Where Women Create...one of my favorites:)

  6. I like your blog so much I gave it an award on my blog! Check it out:

    What cool sandals and congrats on making it into the magazine, what an honor!

  7. aaah nothing beats a day filled with happy mail !! :D Your new sandals are so beautiful, my friend, I'll have to have a look at them ... after my foot troubles will have disappeared.
    Yay for being featured in a new magazine ! I LOOOOOVE your creative space, no wonder why it had to be featured in a creative magazine ! So proud of you, girl !!
    Concerning where I create ... well, I move around my big room that is my living-room/kitchen/creative space. I often embroider on the sofa, but sew in my creative space itself. The ironing board is on residence in the kitchen side, so I'm always hanging around there too LOL
    How do I keep them organized ? Well, I try to tidy regularly (or do something deeper like last Saturday) but I do think that a too much uncluttered home is the sign of a not very creative life. (it depends how you express your creativity, though)

  8. Oh no! I was just in the US and bought the last issue of Where Women Create! If only I'd been there this month I would have seen this lovely spread ... and drooled all over it. I have yet to see this great magazine on sale in Australia. It looks gorgeous from what I can see! x

  9. Love the shoes...just gorgeous.

    Super to see you in print Maya. I love your space. When you find the answer to the fullness issue be sure to let us know. x

  10. oh the beauty of those lovingly hand made sandles and you are published again ...I applaud you..

  11. What lovely sandals! and congrats for publication!

  12. I love your new guillerminas and adore all your work.

  13. hey maya go you on your mag spread that's ace you must be beaming!!!!
    as for my creative space .... i have a nuke in the kitchen where my horn hub sewing cabinet lives which i love then i am really spoilt as i have the spare room upstairs for storing and cutting ect... when the boys are older i hope to sew & cut in the same space!!!!
    please keep an eye on my blog as i will be posting my room and nuke soon :)


  14. I love you space - but not as much as mine which is getting to point where I might move in the permanently! I have posted about some of my space saving solutions here http://mousybrownshouse.typepad.com/poised-to-take-flight/2010/03/another-look-into-my-workroom.html and herehttp://mousybrownshouse.typepad.com/poised-to-take-flight/2010/01/a-peek-in-my-cupboard.html - all using vintage stuff - hope you like it :D

  15. What issue of Where Women Creat are you in, so I can order it? I checked Barned & Noble and it is not on the news stand.

    Carole Dysart

  16. Lovely! I checked out the magazine, it will be available May 1st, or so this page says:

    The cover looks slightly different - interesting, eh?
    Would love to read your article!

  17. Thanks for all your love!
    Mer- This is the first time I've received a copy so early, so I'm not sure why the cover is different. Just spent the evening reading through it. I have so many ideas of how I want to renew my space. Thanks for your tip, too. Putting it all into the mix!

  18. This is fantastic that you were featured. You are such an inspiration and now I'm turning my head around at the clutter around me.... I KNOW what I HAVE to do this weekend - get my room cleaned up.

  19. I was curious as to how well your shoes are holding up. I've contemplated them for quite some time know but haven't had the courage to go ahead. How supportive are they? I normally wear Birks because I need that additional arch support as I have pretty high archs which are acting like they want to drop a bit!

    Thank you so very much for any information you can offer!!

  20. Peggy,
    I don't wear them as everyday footwear like I would with birks... so it's hard to compare. They're a wonderful and comfortable shoe, that much I can say.



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