Thursday, March 25, 2010

on the board...

Today was filled with thrifting, rescuing coffee sacks, and cutting burlap. All are time consuming, and I hadn't anticipated posting tonight, but I wanted to thank you for those wonderful wishes left on yesterday's post. So fun to celebrate with you!
I've moved a little blackboard into our main room. My family and I have been rotating words and thoughts. These three stayed for some time because they're such good reminders... especially during those transitions to get out the door. I think I'll be sharing the board with you now and then. Just thought I'd let you know.
this and that:
  • The leather leaf cuff circled around blogland yesterday. So happy when that happens!
  • I had a little interview over at Indie Fixx. Thanks, Jen!
  • I did it! I ordered my summer sandals!
  • Working on another shop update for next week, and it will include several burlap buckets for those many etsy convo/requests that have been coming in... along with new market totes.
  • Tomorrow I'll have a give-away for you first thing in the AM.
Sweet dreams!
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  1. We, too, have a chalkboard near the door for inspiration. Mine belonged to my grandmother and was the home of her shopping list. Sweet memories in that piece of slate. Most recently ours read simply "Joy" (But today it reads "kick me" as my seven year old wanted to be sure to spell properly for a kick me sign on his papa. Ah, seven.) Blessings!

  2. Oh how wonderful!

    I love the chalkboard (particularly versus a dry erase board)...something about that dusty, misty chalk leftover behind the words speaks to me.

    Congrats on the blogiversary (lucky us that you have continued to do so!!)!

  3. Burlap and coffee sacks.. oh these both and cannot wait to see your etsy tomorrow.
    yay for your interview on indie wonderful for you to be featured!
    Love love love your new sandals too...what a wonderful deal too i may see a pair in my closet too.
    blessings for a wonderful start to spring~

  4. Love the idea of having a little board like that! Although it would take about a week before we were leaving silly messages to one another instead of beautiful meaningful phrases :)

  5. What great looking sandals. I wonder how well they hold up - life is pretty hard on sandals around here. My present pair are the first to make it past a year.

  6. Congrats on your blog anniversary. Someone commented on my blog saying that I should check you out and add you to my blog roll. I think she's right. I'll have to check in regularly now.

    Two years old and your still making new friends :)

  7. I just got my summer sandals too, such a summery happy feeling!