Friday, March 19, 2010

10 spring things

Tomorrow is the first day of spring! Rarely does the calendar match up with our weather reality in Ithaca at the end of March. This weekend might be an exception. So here's I hope to celebrate in no particular order:
  1. Clip forsythia and crab apple branches for some indoor coaxing. Blossoms outside won't happen 'til the first week of May, we're ready now, please!
  2. Visit our neighbor's new calves... again! Who could resist baby kissing cows!
  3. Walk in the woods and down to the creek to see what's new.
  4. Make daffodils . Ours are still on the way, as you can see by the first photo.
  5. Get popsicles going in the freezer... I know it's early.
  6. Wash all the linens and hang them on the line!
  7. Consider making this for dinner.
  8. Dream about wearing any of these.
  9. Make a new skirt... for me and my girl.
  10. Play outside as much as possible!
Oh, that's a pretty nice list! I'll be happy for even one or two of those things. Do you have any special plans for celebrating the coming of spring? Pin It


  1. the daffodil crafts look perfect for little kids! or for me, too. :)

    spring calls for relaxing walks outdoors & lots of photos in warm & buttery light!

  2. Oh my, I am in LOVE with those shoes, can we buy matching pairs???? Must have NOW! I make a version of that pasta with broccoli raab that is delish, thanks for reminding me. Love this list (and you!)

  3. It's acceptable to make daffodils even though my son's far too young to help, right?!

    I'm loving the first signs of spring here in the UK :)

  4. Laura- aren't those shoes beautiful!?

    Islay- Oh, yes! I think it's wonderful for you to show your son how fun it is to make things... and it's never to early to start! Enjoy yourself!

  5. Who doesn't love baby calves. We have a farm with belted galloway's in our town and those baby oreo cows are just so cute. With weather like this in the northeast, temps near 70, being outside, outside, outside and not having to light the wood stove all day...

  6. What a great list...inspires me to start making one for myself. I love those shoes, thanks for sharing, made her shop a fav in mine...a must have to put on my list as well. Spring here in Las Vegas is usually short lived so I'm planning on enjoying every single moment of it and vow not to complain that it's a tad to warm (so it seems) because our summers are brutal!

    I really enjoyed reading your list.

    Happy Spring!

    Bright blessings,

  7. Love this list!

    Happy Spring!

    I just love the first little glimpse of daffodils!

  8. Baby cows with whirly burly fur - too cute! Your grass is so green - that would lift my mood for sure!

  9. I feel like Spring has already skipped by and Summer is crashing its way in around here: my daffs have already bloomed and withered and the guilt for forgetting sunscreen for the kid's outdoor swimming lessons has already started...

  10. Being that I am lived in Florida USA for over 17 years and now live in Southern Cali I miss out usually on Spring, but I grew up in Michigan and my bday is in the spring, it was such a big deal for it to get like 65 degrees so I could lay out in the sun! Haha I won't even go to the pool unless it's 75 degrees now! Haha!!
    I love Spring time even if itz only in my head!

  11. Oh I love your spring-list!!! Everyday I´m waiting for nice weather!!! But this year we had the longest and hardest winter since 20 years in Danmark!!! Since two days the snow is gone and yesterday was the first day we took a little walk around the house, to see that all the flowers are OK! today it´s raining outside and I´m dreaming of sunny days!!!! Popsicles in the freezer...that sounds super! My little son Jakob bought some water ice,too. He said:" maybe summer is coming earlier by eating ice cream:)

    Our plans for spring:
    * painting Jakobs treehouse
    * building a big outdoor cage for the rabbits
    * hanging up the hammock
    * building up the trampoline
    * working in the garden
    * making the first fire in the garden ( after cutting all the branches)
    * hanging up garlands in the apple tree
    * renovating our old barn:(

    But first we need some sunny days:)
    Enjoy your weekend...*Marie*

  12. Love your list! So excited for Spring...we will be doing lots of Spring Cleaning and Organizing. And also working on our Vintage Airstream we just purchased.

  13. Here in Australia we are heading into Autumn (Fall) Actually it started officially 20 days ago. Where I live in Queensland we stay much warmer all year around. Today we are getting ready for a cyclone (Hurricane) It is still well off the coast and we aren't sure where it will make landfall but this afternoon it has become overcast and the wind is picking up so it is getting closer!. I spent today making yarn from old t'shirts using a method I saw on Petit Purls when I went to look at your contribution.

  14. I'll second that list, add in a trip to the farm store to see the Baby Chicks, and perhaps a new box of sidewalk chalk! Or make it yourself.

    My Spring Thinks have been invading my blog too, since our weather in Mid Minnesota is as beautiful as ever!

  15. What a great list! We spent Saturday at our 4-H meeting making pottery outside and eating homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. On Sunday we worked in the school's garden, helped a friend who was not feeling well clean up his yard, and had an afternoon playdate at our house where we built fairy houses in the woods across the street. And we ate every meal we could outside!
    Miss you. We should play a plate date soon (Kids and grown ups).

  16. Thanks for the daffodil ideas...a cheerful project that I can enjoy with my little girls! Spring plans?
    Get outside!