Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday!

I'm loving sunrises through our icicles. I could get lost watching the light shift during these early morning moments. I usually only have a second at this time of day, but this week my children will be home with me, and we get to leisurely begin our days. I'm really looking forward to some good, cozy time and lots of winter romps. Even though the snow piles are still high, I'm sensing the season shifting, and I want to savor it. I don't usually feel this way in February, but time keeps speeding up on me and some slowing down is in order.


Thanks again to all of the wonderful readers who volunteered to sew buckets this weekend. I could only choose a handful, or I think it would have felt like too many cooks in the kitchen, if you know what I mean. I'm sure I'll do this again each time I create a pattern, because the input was invaluable. Thank you Cauchy, Katie, Kelley, and Bonnie(let me know if you have a link and I'll gladly add it)!! These lovely testers all gave the pattern a big thumbs up, but they helped so much with the tweaking and clarifying of details. I really feel like I can send it out with confidence and excitement! It's in the shop... happy sewing and filling buckets!
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  1. oh, I know what you mean Maya....time keeps speeding up on me too. I hope you all have lots of coziness and lots of winter romping! I can feel the season shifting too....that photo is beautiful.

  2. Maya, you might get a kick out of this basket use:

    We're eager for sunshine here. Yours is breathtaking. Soak it in.

  3. Maya I wish I could sew I love your burlap bag and pattern.

  4. glad you worked out your burlap buckets pattern, they look great.

  5. Your nesting buckets are beautiful. I just ove them!!!

  6. Hi Maya,
    Thanks so much for posting the beautiful photo! Love the light, and I especially love the rings on the icicles. I don't think we've ever had any "old growth" icicles in Portland, OR. Guess they don't hang around long enough! Have a wonderful week with your children.

  7. Wow,now THAT is an icicle! I get chills just looking at it. :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Sending more sunshine your way!

  8. i adore the photo of the icicles with the sun shining thru them - looks magical :)

  9. I went right to your shop to buy! I hope I get the download soon because I have a lot of burlap coffee bags left over from autumn flower bed protection duty!

  10. Oh my, What a photo. Looking forward to that pattern!

  11. me ha gustado muchisimo tu blog!!!...geniales imagenes y creaciones!

  12. Oooh, I love your icicle shot, beautiful! We've got some mega icicles hanging around here too, but not with such a pretty backdrop.

    Bravo on the nesting baskets!

  13. Isn't nature amazing?
    Those icicles are Wonderful, Great photo.

  14. cheers to you on the buckets, they look great!

  15. Kudos to you for asking for pattern testers. So many people just create patterns and throw them out there for sale without having anyone test them. Beautiful pictures of the icicles too! We don't have that, snow or anything except today we had some sleet, lovely isn't it? I love your blog and will be back soon.

    p.s. my last name is luna and I'm obsessed with all things Moon related



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