Thursday, January 14, 2010


I experienced living very close to the epicenter of a 7.2 earthquake (Loma Prieta in '89). It is still a scary and dark memory. Last night I went to sleep with images of Haiti etched across my mind. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well. However, when I awoke today in my sturdy home with my safe and healthy family, I allowed the business of our "usual" to prevent me from letting my thoughts wander back to Haiti's newest tragedy. As soon as I found a moment to be still... my grief (and then my gratitude for all that I have) flooded in. This is a time to reach out. I immediately decided to visit Amanda, who had organized Cap to Cap for Haitian newborns last year. I knew I could count on her for eloquence and words of wisdom. I wasn't wrong. If you haven't already, go give her a visit today. Her readers have filled the comment section of today's post with very good additional resources for how to give. Pin It


  1. Maya, thank you for doing a post on Haiti. I will check out Amanda's site right now. I am sure all of your readers appreciate the worldliness of your blog as much as I do.

  2. Yes thanks Maya. It's very surreal to see it on the television.There will be lots to do for Haiti.Thanks again for sending us to Amanda's.


    Rebecca just returned from a trip to Haiti.

  4. holding the people of Haiti in my prayers! thanks for this link!

  5. Thank you for sharing is honest to admit returning to the mundane and easy to forget that which isn't right in front of us. I am guilty of that, too, until I took that moment...and was flooded with the shared pain.

    I'm sure there are many resources out there for ways to help (particularly for those of us who can't be there physically) - I'd like to share a link I found on msnbc. com ( that lists several organizations.

    We were able to donate via cell phones (for it to then appear on our bill...helps with expenses!).

    Definitely holding everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts and helpful links.

  7. Thank you for the links and post on Haiti.



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