Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello November! I've told you how much I enjoy the start of new seasons. Well, actually, I love the promise of a new month, too! There is that sweet moment of turning the page on the calendar and seeing all of the potential those new 30 or so days hold. I guess I just love beginnings. A new week, a new day. I am most definitely a morning person. It's in those delicious moments when I'm still warm beneath the covers that I think... hmm what will today bring.

November brings...
quiet and rest to the harvested fields

morning frosts glistening in the sun

striking skeletons of our favorite trees... gone bare

November is my invitation to nestle in, cozy up and hunker down. Serious making and baking are about to begin around here... I'm so excited!

What does November invite you to do... where you live? Pin It


  1. Definitely nestling, cozying, hunkering, making, and baking...also listing and organizing. And this year, excited to get really good photos of the seasons.

  2. November is a time of excitement and rushing because it marks the beginning of the end of school year (and the year itself too).
    Heat starts to creep in, but still not too much, so it's time for walks and picnincs.
    It's time to plan vacations.
    And now? It's time to plan the rest of our lives!

  3. I do love November as it is supposed to be cold, so even though we pretty much missed fall because of the crazy weather around here, at least now it seems normal.

  4. I am excited for all of your making and baking too! And so looking forward to november.....

  5. Your photos--especially the first one--make me want to move to the country! When there's a chill in the air I like to drink whiskey sours at the Algonquin and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays here in NYC, head upstate for at least one last hike before it gets too slippery to navigate the trails, and bake bread and make big pots of soup. I live in Brooklyn.

  6. Here in Arizona it's a little backwards, but wonderful all the same. The heat of the summer has eased up, and brisk evenings and mild days are here. The air smells fresh and new, and we are beginning to plant our winter veggies. I foresee some trips to the mountains, San Diego, and lots of making and baking! Whatever region I call home, fall is always my favorite!

  7. November brings the beginning of the holiday seasons. It brings the fruits of the harvest, family togetherness & traditions.

    It brings memories of times gone on before and hopes from the future.

    ;-P Love this time of year.

  8. I woke up November 1st so excited about the upcoming holiday baking, sewing, crocheting, etc. I've got a lot of school work to do before the holidays, but I am so looking forward to spending time with family and eating delicious food.

    Yesterday I made your Grandma's Apple Cake and it was amazing! I'm definitely keeping that recipe around. Thanks!

  9. Maybe it's the month or the season, but I too feel an urge to get "busy", or lazy. In Florida we won't see winter until January usually, but we've been lucky this year & have had cool temps already. Maybe a week all together; perfect for long walks w/the dog, window shopping or sipping coffee out on the balcony. However, these days I am crafting my x-mas cards & gifts & hope to find some xtra time to crochet, sip coffee on the balcony, take walks w/the dog & window shop! :-) Cheers, Julie

  10. It did nothing but rain here in the north east of the England this weekend, definitely time to cosy up in a blanket on the couch!

  11. getting serious for christmas.....and enjoying the rain when it rains, because life becomes sooooo much cooler....

    From here to you....

  12. November means last minute panic in the garden to make sure all the seedlings are planted, seeds are sowed, garden in mulched.

    Preparing for Summer, the days are getting longer so the BBQ's have started. Heavy winter clothes are being exchanged in the wardrobes for colourful summer clothes :)

    This year November means the promise of a great summer with our little girl who was not walking last summer, but this year will be able to run around the beach, yay

  13. How fantastic this is! I love hearing how what November means to YOU... in your life, in your part of the world.

  14. November is my month and one of my favorites. It's time to drink tea, to eat nuts and pomegranates. It's time to collect leaves. It's time for a walk and to enjoy the sound of the leaves under my foot.It's time to read. It's time to be inside.... It's time to dream and to plan.... It's time to be more introspective.....

    A great november to everybody.

  15. Making lots of jams: especially from the red grapes that grow in my backyard. And a yummy recipe for Mandarin Jam I will make tomorrow, I found stumbling upon this lovely blog, Veritys: I guess I'm filling up my cupboards for hibernating!

  16. November makes me want to surround myself with more color than usual as the color fades from the earth and the sky.

  17. I love looking at bare trees. No two are the same you know:)

  18. I must say I love looking at your blog and at everything you do. I just began looking at it but it is already one of my favorites:) Now to answer your question "What does November invite you to do?", well I live in Florida so not much change here. Where I currently live it is still in the high 80s low 90s but anyways it ivites me to more family time and more crafting time.Two things I love!:)Have a good day!

    -Morgan at

  19. I agree! Hunkering down in November with yarn and needles in hands or hunkering down at my sewing machine is one of the best things to do in my world :)
    p.s. beautiful fig tree!

  20. november is the real start of holiday making for me. i love getting out the decorations and making everything magic. especially since i live in a foreign country where christmas is not celebrated.

    i too like new beginnings, so much promise if we just reach out and grasp it.

  21. My birthday this month! Still quite warm November in north of Italy. Savouring the last sunny days before the winter sets in.

  22. November is bitter
    Its teeth are hungry
    And it stirs anticipation
    And reflection
    Of warmer days
    Winter should be spent
    Between blankets
    Watching hounds
    Sleep on the hearth

  23. This post made be think about what I will be enjoying this month - mostly Christmas things! Baking, crafting, music!

    This post inspired me to write my own November post on my blog - thanks for the inspiration!