Saturday, October 24, 2009

I won too!

Good morning! Hope you each have a lovely weekend ahead of you. I will be sending a bucket and banner to:


This is always such a lovely spot check in on!
My fingers are crossed, and also my toes!

Please get in touch with me via e-mail with your address and customization ideas.

Thank you all for your beautiful comments. I spent the week reading and rereading each of them. Your words really mean so much to me. They lift me, fill me and keep me inspired. I felt like I was the true winner in the give-away. It makes me wish I had a little shop filled with magical elves to make buckets for everyone.

The above photo is from a little elf in the South of France who showered me with gifts recently. Of course, she's not really an elf, but a lovely friend, mother, and maker of beautiful things: Sonia of Cozy Homemaking. We had a little swap going on and when her box arrived it felt like a holiday for my family and me. Look at the abundance of beautifully wrapped little packages she spoiled us with!

There were little gifts for everyone and I don't have words to express my gratitude for her thoughtfulness and generosity. Sonia's spirit and creativity are little bits of light for me... and many others everyday.

Even though she's on a mini-break, there's plenty to enjoy if you give her a visit and her shop is stocked with simply beautiful and cozy items. Don't you love introducing your friends to one another?




p.s. There was even more to the package that didn't make it into the photo: delicious organic chocolate doesn't last long around here. A matching wooden propeller for my daughter that was in use as soon as I tried to arrange the photo shoot. Yes,more... and even a gorgeous French children's book that was at our bedside and I forgot to include it. At least you know everything is completely loved, Sonia! Thank you deeply!

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  1. wow!!! lucky you!!! what a beautiful things! have a fantastic saturday!

  2. Sonia Is one of those truly amazing, generous, kind and beautiful people. So similar in many ways to you Maya.
    I dream almost nightly of us all getting together some day but I guess in many ways we already do.
    Have a wonderful remainder to your weekend. A little break in the rains and I am heading outside.

  3. I Hope you don't mind Maya, i put a link to your bog in my very first post. You were the inspiration for me to start my own creative blog. Again i hope you don't mind. Love your blog!

    Lizzie x

  4. Maya, I am so honored and really don't know what to say but thank you.
    I'm so happy everything reached you safely & that you all had a great time unwrapping & enjoying what we sent. It was such a pleasure for me to make this. :)

    Congrats to the lucky winner !

    Margie ... you are so sweet. This is also one of my best dreams, which I hope will come true one day. Big hugs to everyone oxoxox

  5. SO lovely! Your giveaway and your get-away! :)
    So you know how I felt when I received my package from you! Lovely.....hope you are having a beautiful weekend my friend!

  6. How much fun, it is like Christmas all around.

  7. Yippeee! I am so excited to have won! Now comes the deciding part...what wonderful objects will find a home in my new tote?? Maya, thank you thank you!
    I would love one of your hand carved birds printed on my tote, and could I pretty please have the word "Gather" printed on the bunting. It shall grace our breakfast nook as a reminder for all to sit down together and eat. Is it possible that we grew up in the same town? Gamble gardens was on the way home from high school for