Tuesday, September 15, 2009

giving up. giving in. giving thanks.

picking edamame at dusk
We joined an amazing CSA a few weeks ago. Between the blight on our tomatoes, the cutworms in our green beans and a fungus attacking our zukes, I finally put my hands in the air and said "I'm ready for vegetables!" It was a hard year for gardening in the Northeast, but our new CSA is a dream. Gifts come in unexpected ways, especially when your family motto is "there is a solution to everything". Sweet Land Farm has been a very delicious solution, we all agree!

I'm so glad I had the strength to let go and give in. Now... I can give thanks.

My favorite part? The u-pick flowers, of course!

And here's a little tip for how to get your children (and grown-ups) to eat their greens and love them.
No Fail Kale
  1. tear bites sized pieces off the stem (deveining)
  2. steam lightly until it reaches a bright emerald shade of green
  3. toss with a splash of tamari, olive oil and maple syrup
  4. watch them gobble it up... well, mine do!
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  1. I love your daughter's raspberry dress and fingers!

    --Vicki K

  2. I love your pictures and I come to read you every day!!Lovely blog!
    Daniela from Italy

  3. Yummmmm..Lucky you, and thanks for the kale idea..

  4. First year for us joining a CSA also and we LOVE it! You can also make Kale chips by tearing into pieces, tossing with olive oil and salt and roasting for 20 or so minutes at 375 until slightly brown on the edges and crisp. Delicious!

  5. I forgot all about kale chips!! We love them and haven't had them all year. Thanks, Rose, for your perfect reminder!

  6. Yum! Thanks for the kale tip! I used to always get an abundance from my CSA but could never encourage my husband to eat them -- now I know the secrets.

    The raspberry fingers are so delightful!

  7. those raspberries llok amazing- we planted blueberries yesterday! very exciting!

  8. Oh, Yum!

    I make a kale soup close to the Olive Garden's Toscona Soup. Very Easy.

    Kale, sweet Italian Sausage (pre-cooked) & potatoes in Chicken Broth. When done mix in a little cream.

    My kidlet gobble it up!

  9. I LOVE Kale!! Last year we had a hutterite man giving away kale at farmers market, but he didn't do that this year. And the one I planted got eaten by moths. :( We had just enough to make a several batches of toscano soup! Maybe next year!! We've put it in various soups, samosas and smoothies! YUM!

  10. I think "there's a solution to everything" sounds like a fantastic family motto!

    Thanks to you and Rose for the kale recipes. I've never mixed tamari with maple syrup and I've never even heard of kale chips!

  11. Both of our lives seem filled with raspberry and green these days. Love your photographs. I think I would love to visit a farm this weekend and check out the produce up close and personal.

  12. beautiful photos maya!
    it certainly has been a tough year for growing, good for you for being mindful of the season and enjoying these gorgeous fruits and veggies! love the raspberry fingers : )

  13. Hey! This is our CSA too, but it looks like you go on Tuesdays.

    Don't forget to pick some of the huge sunflowers next to the road. We tie them to our deck railing and watch the birds and squirrels battle over the seeds. We even have some volunteer sunflowers scattered about from last year's sunflower seed battle.

    Go SLF!

  14. I have kale from the farmers' market this week just waiting to be eaten, and THIS is what I'm going to do with it. \o/ Thank you!!