Wednesday, June 10, 2009

burlap workshop in the woods

From yesterday's post you can see how much more to Squam there is than the classes, but the creative workshops are truly the core of SAW. As a fairly new teacher, I vacillated between being anxious and excited... but Elizabeth's confidence is contagious... and in the end, it was a phenomenal day! She also paired me with Peg, who assisted/attended both classes. Peg was an invaluable resource, with her extensive quilting background and sweet enthusiasm. Thank you, Peg!!

When Elizabeth selected my classroom did she realize that a clothesline is my favorite prop and teaching tool? It's my version of a whiteboard, and a line was waiting outside the front steps of the cliff side studio! The first day was spent teaching how to work with a recycled coffee sack. My bucket pattern had been fine tuned and worked smoothly. Yeah!

I loved spending hours with these dynamic and talented women in our picturesque space
overlooking the water. None of us wanted the day to end... and stayed far after the class was supposed to conclude. Where else did we have to go!?

They each thoughtfully selected a section from their sack and created gorgeous vessels.

Here are Katheen, Donna, and Sarah with their "Squam glow"! Click on the picture to get up close to their wonderful buckets.

I'm writing a"Tips for Working With Burlap" page to the pattern, and then plan to have it available in my shop on Monday in a PDF format. I'll have a coffee sack bucket update in my shop later today, so please check back if you've been waiting for one! Pin It


  1. what a wonderful experience! wish i was there :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! The landscape is just beautiful!

  3. I wish I could've taken your class too! We need to have special teacher swap day or something. :)

  4. What a magical place, it's stunning. Reminds me of lots of amercian books I've read where people have lived around a lake, I've never really been able to picture it until now - thankyou!

  5. I love how you are slowly converting the world to the wonders of burlap, one class at a time! It's a one-woman burlap revolution!

  6. looks like a gorgeous place to be creating your burlap bags!

  7. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience - I never would have considered myself a 'fabric person' but your class was a delight!

  8. OH MY GOSH! This place looks WONDERFUL! What a great experience you must have had!I am jealous! ;-)

  9. Beautiful place, nice works, It must be a wonderful experience, ♥

  10. I love your blog! You live in such a beautiful area.
    I saw where you were writing a "Tips for Working With Burlap" page containing the pattern for your burlap basket which you were going to have available in your shop. I checked but did not see it for sale. I love this idea and would love to make them for my daughter's toys and some smaller ones for my kitchen.
    Please let me know where I can purchase your pattern.. Although I would love to, I live too far away to attend a class.