Saturday, May 30, 2009

barn studio and collections

It's such a full time of year... parades, festivals, school activities, recitals! After the long winter, we go a bit wild with outdoor celebrations around here. I wasn't even sure when I'd get back to you all, but it's high time for another visit to my mother's barn. The meadow season has begun, and this week we were surprised by an explosion of daisies! And those glorious poppies are on their way too... take a look.

For more information about this wild flower meadow and how you can create a "no mow" yard please check here.

When you walk up the stairs to the second floor you enter the former home of the hayloft and barn swallow nesting grounds.

Now it is divided by the stairwell, which is enclosed in galvanized metal. On one side is the bedroom, with that lovely big white bed, and the sewing corner.

On the other side is the workspace where I hold my classes and my mother has all of her supplies stored and inspiration displayed.

The work table is a simple hollow-core door resting on two steel saw horses. My mother keeps it covered in rose colored contractor's paper and surrounded by wonderful old industrial stools and chairs.

Above the table and bank of windows, a new shelf holds some of her collections: vintage toys, cigar boxes, and globes.

There's more... but that will come in another post. It's time to run back outside. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! Pin It


  1. I so look forward to these glimpses into the barn. Such a wonderful space. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place is so beautiful Maya. It has a really happy vibe. Someday I will see it in person.

  3. I'm so jealous - it's the perfect studio space! Thanks for letting us in on your little treasure.

  4. Aw, thanks so much for another tour, sweet friend ! I'm hearting so much the wildflowers field ... aaah ... if only I had a garden ...
    And just like Liane, I'm sure one day I'll see it with my own eyes (as we say in France). A big dream of mine. oxoxo Have a fabulous weekend my friend.

  5. Oh the barn. Everything about this wonderful space makes me happy!

  6. The barn looks amazing as summer approaches. Love the daisies. They aren't quite out hear yet but they will be soon enough if it ever stops raining.

  7. What a beautiful spot from wild flower meadows to clean neat awesome art areas. Wow. thank for sharing.

  8. I know I am related to you and your mom somehow, we carry the same thrift gene.

    I can't believe how many daisies you have! Yipee! And those field poppies, very appropriate for memorial day! I need to get some, we have a different kind in the flower beds but would love complete no-mow dandelions count? Ozone aside, hello...what could be better for our dear honey bees than a whole lot of pretty pollen? Pretending to be a Dr. "Do-bee-doolittle" here (the infamous bee whisperer) and the bees tell me to say thank you Maya and Maya's mom!

    So glad you enjoyed that bee-utiful looked pretty out the window from "the cage".

  9. My goodness! We crossed blog paths a year or so ago and I just happened to bump into your blog again! I wish I would've kept in touch all this time, you lead such a lovely life and have me inspired from the tips of my toes. I look forward to keeping up with such a beautiful soul again! :)

  10. I'm bookmarking this for inspiration! I want to move in!

    We're finishing off our attic right now, and your barn is the exact vibe I'm hoping for when it's all said and done.

  11. I always hold your mom's barn in mind as a touchstone for my dreams. I love that barn. :)

  12. WOW!!! Your barn meadow is amazing! I am so inspired by it that I might have to make a painting of it. Gorgeous!!

  13. The wildflowers are gorgeous. I love to see daisies and poppies covering such a beautiful expanse of land.
    How inspiring!
    I use wild plants in all of my textile art for color.
    I live in California, so the species are a little different from those in NY, you might like to see-

  14. wow these pictures are so beautiful! going to head over to flickr to check out more x

  15. just got back from a little "me" time at Barnes & Noble... picked up a copy of the Artful Blogging Journal and admired the lovely article and photos you contributed! Congrats on being featured. It was nice to feel "at home" when I saw maya*made in there. :)

  16. Wow, those are some really pretty pix! Love the wildflowers. I'm planning on slowly getting my lawns down to a no-mow state, or at least a very-little-mow state.

    Had a bit of a chuckle at the old-fashioned pencil sharpeners in the upper right of the picture with the globe in it. I have my grandmother's . . . it's a FANTASTIC sharpener, but it's a "vacuum-mount" with a rubber bottom that has become useless with age. Gotta convert that thing someday. :)

  17. Looks amazing - and I love your etsy collection at the storque you put together - thanks for some wonderful inspiration.


  18. oh the field maya! swoooooon. it is a dream.

  19. Dear Maya,

    The barn looks...


    To Live,To Love,To Laugh & To Share With US.

    Thank you for sharing the most beautiful photo and your blog with us.


  20. What a wonderful place, I love it!♥ Now I am going for a no mow yard for me!♥ Thank you!

  21. The meadow is just glorious. *swoon*