Monday, April 27, 2009

glimpse of summer

I'm sure our spring will return, but this weekend we slipped into summer. 90 degrees on Saturday! 84 on Sunday! This meant more new flowers on display. The hyacinths have arrived!

It also meant we ate lots of organic mango nectar juice pops (you must make these!)...

saw a lot of bare feet and summer dresses...

went foraging for greens: chives, mint, and baby dandelions...

devoured a watermelon: definitely not local (yet), but "oh, so perfect" chilled on a scorching day...

and found amazing scores on the side of the road: like a set of three vintage university lab stools just like this. These are heading straight over to the barn studio!

My family and I love summer, so this weekend was a bit of bliss. Hope you had a good one, too... whatever season you're in! Pin It


  1. I am so jealous! Although spring is supposedly in full force we we're graced with snow this weekend. I'm ready for bare feet! Thanks for the lovely images I hope to also be experiencing soon.

  2. what a score! i love those! i just found my way here through a sewing link from the long thread. i love your blog and had read about you in country living, only i didn't realize it was you until i linked through and saw your "featured in" link! congrats on that. you have a lovely blog!

  3. Wow, so much excitement Maya! Those stools!! And 90 degrees... ahhh. I too love summer. I could do 85-90 every day. We had our first watermelon this past week also (no, definitely not local here either, but totally delicious). We must try those pops :) Thank you for the great idea.

  4. Oooh Maya, feeling like summer already ? wow !!! I loved so much all of your photos ! Muscari, daffoldils & all these yummy greens .... aaah, I'm in heaven too !! And these stools !!! What a find indeed ! It's going to look awesome in the barn !
    I hope you'll have a superb week ahead, my friend ! Your weekend was glorious, apparently and I'm so happy for you ! oxoxoxo Take care !

  5. Your pictures make me want to lounge in a hammock and enjoy a lazy day filled with blue skies, warm breezes, and brightly colored flowers all while enjoying a delicious mango nectar juice pop!!! Yummy!! Glad to hear you had such a lovely weekend.

  6. Perfect barn stools for art/crafting!

  7. I hope we get the recipe for the
    mango pops! And it looks like you
    are on your way to a nice summer!
    I love the fresh veggies you
    found too! How fun is it to show
    your kids that mother nature
    provides?!? Congrats for the
    amazing find! Gotta love that too!!
    And nice photo of free little feet!

  8. Mango Pops, herbs, flowers, stools, what more could you want? Maybe a iced coffee pop for us Mom's after school? Summer, here we come!!!

  9. I knew I wouldn't be alone in loving the stools!
    Rane- the mango pops were made by my son with bottle of mango nector. So simple!
    Laura- ice coffee pops? sounds interesting... might have to try that!

  10. Mmmm...summer...
    I love it too. Thanks for the great photos and inspiration. I can't wait to try the mango pops!

  11. Ah, so lovely. Great pics! I personally love Spring so this wkd was a bit too warm for my taste, but was so beautiful nonetheless.

  12. Wonderful summer preview. Great finds. I got some old stuff that a moving neighbor was getting rid of. An antique zebra toy, some cool old boxes that I want to turn into some sort of art project. Junk to them, but not to me.

  13. Hi Maya, thanks for visiting my blog! You are so right about that book, it's great! A long time I don't see a super cool book. I also love that mag, Selvedge. I have an online subscription and I drool on each page of it.
    Summers are great where I live. Not very hot like in the other cities in AZ. It's just perfect. I am heading to Brazil and when I come back I will have 2 months of great weather.

  14. Hello Maya! Would you email me at whenever possible? I have something for you.

    Blair (wise craft)

  15. Last weekend it was 90 degrees here too. I also made popsicles for the kids. But I have to say, I'm glad it's back to normal. I wasn't ready for that heat!

  16. I love your lab stools! I'm sure they'll look great in the barn!
    Rain has returned here after two weeks of lovely spring weather...

  17. what a whimsical post! ...I love summer.

  18. Huhu, the pictures you made are so lovely, thank you for sharing them with us! luckyone the lab stools are amazing can´t wait to see them in your barn!!!! Your blog is so wonderful I love to follow every post...take care... and if you have time please send us some sunny days over to Danmar:) hugs *Marie*

  19. I think I used stools just like that a while ago when I was working on my chemistry degree. They will be a fantastic addition to the already awesome space of the barn studio. I returned today to summer weather without leaves on the trees a very strange combination in Ontario. Quite surreal actually.

  20. How fun. I love your photography. For us in Texas 84 degrees is Spring, not Summer! Enjoy the weather.

  21. Lovely! We have been enjoying a touch of summer in preview as well! What fun.

  22. It just wonderful to look at all these photos - as if they tell a story without words.



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