Saturday, January 3, 2009


Margie Oomen, goes by many names: Resurrection Fern, Knitalatte, snail advocate, doctor, crafter. I think of her most as a dear friend and a brillant nature/environmental artist. She merges ancient hand crafts, modern art, and the natural world into one form. I look forward to Margie's gorgeous photos on flickr. I read her daily bits of wisdom and find infinite creative inspiration on her blog. Recently, I had the thrill of purchasing some of her beautiful work from her new shop. I wanted to share some images of her three pieces that are very happy in their new home with me. The above photo is of one of her crocheted snails traveling from her snowy home to mine. :)

This next photo is of a matryoshka stone that was first felted and then delicately crocheted, leaving an opening to see the stone within. I loved it from the moment I saw it and set my timer for her first sale, in hopes that I could hold it in my hands.

Her crocheted acorn necklace dancing in my Magnolia tree...

Look how perfectly they fit into my spot for special pieces. Margie has been so supportive of my journey from the early days of blogging (way back in the spring of last year), and had some questions for me about my process. You can find read my answers/ interview over at Resurrection Fern today. I feel quite honored to be part of her Inspiration Week, where she interviews an incredible line-up of fellow bloggers each day. Thank you so much, Margie for including me! What a great way to start a new year... a little inspiration can set the stage for new dreams, first steps, and fresh starts! Happiness to you all in 2009! Pin It


  1. Congratulations! I just read the interview a few minutes ago... Yeepee!

  2. These items suit your natural comforting home so perfectly. Thanks for the interview and really just for being you. I wish you and your family a year of creative joy.

  3. Thank you for inspiring us to keep the natural world as part of our daily lives. I look forward to reading your interview just as I look forward to each new post and idea you are gracious enough to share.

    Happy New 2009...

  4. Your answers are awesome. I wrote your hints down to remind me.

  5. Happy New Year Maya! Margie's work is truly amazing and looks perfect in your home.

    Like others have mentioned here... thanks so much for sharing your life here with all of us. You're such an inspiration and I always love to see a new post and/or photo from you.

    I just finished reading the interview and I really think that Margie described you exactly how we see you through the eyes of your blog... "so humble, approachable and truly genuine". Love that! Thanks for being you Maya!

  6. How perfect. I discovered both of your blogs quite seperately towards the end of last year and enjoy them both immensley. Congratulations!

  7. Oh, I love that matryoska stone ~ how perfectly you! What a wonderful collaboration, these posts. Beautiful & inspiring!

  8. Lovely interview!! And VERY CUTE snail pic!!

    Thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful blogs, too.

  9. Hi Maya, beautiful as always. can you tell me where you purchase your thick bakers twine? thanks!

  10. Her work is beautiful. Congratulations on the interview.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    I hope 2009 is a great year for all things Mayamade.



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