Friday, December 5, 2008

winter wonderland window

Hi friends! I've missed you all this week, but I've been so busy sewing snowflakes for the the Mama Goose winter window display. I finished installing it last night, and drove over this morning to take some pictures to share with you. I wish I had taken some last night... the little lights illuminate the window in such a magical way. It gets dark so early these days, it shouldn't be difficult to get a night time shot. There are really only three elements I created for the display window: trees, snowflake garlands, and coffee sack birds. I'm so happy with the trees!

I had the idea a couple of weeks ago, but you never know what the end result will be. I'll be sharing some tips soon, because I think variations of them would be fantastic in a playroom. I used this tutorial for a table top tree and enlarged it (free-hand) to five feet and on cardboard... painted snow white.
The burlap birds are made from coffee sacks, of course!

I was inspired by this creative woman, who used the Spool pattern to create the first burlap bird I had ever seen. My favorite part of my little flock? Their little stick feet, made from Burning Bush twigs inserted through the weave of the burlap... so easy and sweet!

The newspaper snowflake garland tutorial will be up next. I'm almost done writing it. The rest of the many store windows are simply decorated with twinkling white lights and a flurry of snowflakes. Last week, there was a craft day at Mama Goose. I put together a snowflake cutting station so that we could get children from our community involved in decorating the window. So many children walk in those doors everyday... it's really their store. I wanted them to feel like they contributed to the dressing up of the windows for winter... so this is their window.

I ironed their snowflakes and sewed them together, but the children did the creating! I'll be back soon, so you can make some of your own... Pin It


  1. lovely!

    This brings back memories for me. put myself through college workign retail for a small chain and i really loved doing holiday windows.

    Thank you for your blog. I could spend hours in your archives.

    Happy season ...

  2. Oh my gosh I love the trees!! I've always wanted to make them that big. They look wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing the link with me and for sharing my tutorial with your readers.

    I'll definitely have to see what else is in your blog. I'll be back with more time!

    Happy Holidays! -- Patricia

  3. are you kidding me? please send me a detailed message on how you do it all? stellar momma, photographer, crafter, barn remodeler, blogger, window designer...did I miss anything? I am so lucky to have such a talented friend....xo

  4. maya - it is fantastic! i know what hard work it was - but your hard work has paid off. i am definitely going to go find some big boxes this weekend and surprise my kids with a tree. and of course i love the birds. i think of you every time i look at mine - and i love how the inspiration for the bird flew back and forth between us.

  5. The window display looks fabulous and I can't wait for the snowflake garland tutorial. :-)

  6. Oh Maya, you've done an amazing job with this window display !! wow ! The snowflakes look so great & the birds are too cute for words !!!
    Aren't you busy, goodness !!!!
    Don't forget to put your feet up & enjoy the happy season ! :D Have a great weekend ahead !

  7. The window with its ghost trees and snowflake shadows is stunning! I can't add anything that your "craft star" commenters haven't already said, except that I want a flock of burlap birds and a ghost tree in my room!

  8. Maya, the entire display is so gorgeous!! It is a very beautiful winter, yet so happily whimsical. I love that you included the children in creating the display.

  9. I only have a few minutes to check emails but I was dying to see your new shop installation. It is so wonderful and natural inspired. I think that is one of the things I love about what you create. Your window would look right at home here in Lyon. Known perhaps for being a very expensive city it has some of the best fiber arts and craft/art shops I have seen. I also spent hours at the textile museum today so will have a lot to share when I get home next week. Au revoir.

  10. You've outdone yourself Maya! You really have created a winter wonderland in a shop window and that's just plain magical :)

  11. do you get tired of hearing "you are so very talented"? well...hear it once more..from me...YOU INDEED ARE SOO SUPER TALENTED.

    i fell in love with this window! super creative

  12. You're an inspiration, Maya! The window is stunning. I especially love the burlap birdies... too too cute, and such a clever design.

    You've also inspired me about MAKING a xmas tree this year. The wee one is itching to start hanging baubles around the place and I keep forgetting to buy a tree....

  13. Wow, that looks great! What a job.
    Makes me want to make some too.

  14. What a fun window display. It looks as if it is something you have a good time doing.

  15. It's a perfect picture of a snowy a window display. I like it! And I especially like those burlap birds and their stick feet.


  16. Oh, that is magical! I'm in awe. Love the birds, especially, but the whole window is gorgeous. And it's fantastic that some of those snowflakes were made by children who came to the craft day!

    Kudos to you.

  17. It looks fabulous, I have got to get to this store! We won't be coming that way until after the first. If you are done sleeping by then maybe we might just be able to do coffee or a craft!

  18. I love, love, love the little birdie feet. Inspired!!!