Friday, November 14, 2008

a little more gratitude...

A little more gratitude...
It's been a long week. My daughter wasn't really up and about until today.
-I'm so grateful for this gorgeous day to recover on... 60 degrees and sunny!! This picture was taken today as my children ran outside... without jackets! My son loves to race his little sister to the swings. Each time he mysteriously trips and she wins. Trying to compete with someone six years older than you can be stressful.
-I'm so grateful my son lets her feel powerful... some of the time.
I've spent most of my week playing Animal Bingo and Snail's Pace Race.
-I'm so grateful that I can. My husband works hard (at a job he loves, thankfully) so that I can be home doing what I love. Next week, I'm hoping for a tiny bit less Bingo, and a little more sewing... but I still feel so fortunate.

What are you feeling grateful for today?

Just a little reminder, I will be getting out the random number generator tonight( after midnight EST) to choose the bucket winner. I'll announce sometime tomorrow... see all you then. Pin It


  1. well, i'm just getting ready to do a grateful post myself, so you'll have to come see :) glad your babe is on the mend and that you're all enjoying an unseasonably warm day (us too - high 70s - nice, but not november).

  2. Wow, so much to be grateful for. I'm grateful for family, a loyal husband, loving kids, a job (even if I don't always like it), a roof over my head, and a pantry full of food. So many, too many, hardships in this world, and I don't have to deal with much of them. For this I am grateful.

  3. I am so grateful for my husband and daughter. We have so much fun together - I have never been this happy. We live a simple life, but it is so great.

  4. that is tricky post. here we usually don't say things out loud. but i guess i am thankful today that it did not rain and that j really enjoyed his practice.

  5. lovely post. i am thankful to just be alive and healthy! :)

  6. Adorable children...and bless your little son for understanding that his younger sister needs to win sometimes too. Bravo!
    They must have very good parents!
    I am grateful for my day at home today (after working for four)...
    I am grateful I was not hurt in my car accident last week...and although my car will take two weeks to repair I get my insurance to pay for a bright shiny red new car for me to use in the meantime!
    I am grateful to be alive and well and creating....I am grateful for the loved ones in my life from DH to grandchildren and all in between.

  7. Lovely post!
    I'm grateful for my wonderful husband and my beautiful boys, the fact that my husband has a secure job that he enjoys and the fact that right now I can stay home and do what I love to do, sewing and creating Waldorf inspired dolls. I'm so grateful that we are all healthy and don't have real worries and for the great life we live.

  8. What a beautiful picture. Your son sounds like such a wonderful big brother. I am grateful to my husband for also working outside the home, all of these years, so that I could stay home to raise our two girls, and to pursue my art. I am grateful for two beautiful intelligent healthy girls, and I am grateful that my dear dog, who hasn't been feeling well lately, had a good day today.

  9. I am thankful for everyday I can live, love and create. I am even thankful for the economic downturn because I think it will make some people realize there is so much more to life than getting in one's automobile and driving to the mall. thanks so much Maya

  10. I am so grateful for bloggers like you who take the time to be grateful. There are so many blogs that focus on what's wrong with the world that it's nice to see an expression of gratitude for what's right in the world! Thanks for brightening my evening!