Wednesday, October 1, 2008

on my desk...

on my desk... check here for other players.

Does the above photo give you a hint as to how many projects I'm juggling? It's all fun and exciting stuff, but a tidy little shot of my "desk" wasn't possible! There are so many fantastic things I want to try and not enough hours in the day. I'm staying up way too late and am back to coffee in the morning...but I'm not really tired. New "work" seems to fuel me even more than caffeine. So here's a break down of the above jumble. More leaves for the Mama Goose window. The installation was postponed until tomorrow, and I just keep making leaves in any spare moment! Yesterday, I received my first pattern from Sugar City Journal. After all of my "pattern fear", I decided to check out a handmade pattern for my first go. It suits my sensibilities perfectly! I can't wait for that free moment...soon make a sweet new dress. It's a very simple pattern that begs for your own embellishing and unique interpretation. Like I said, perfect! I also love the little instruction booklet they send out with each pattern...very friendly. I might use some of that yummy green elastic on the first dress. My mother got it at garage sale and it just moved out of the barn studio and into mine! She has two rolls and is always generous! Have I mentioned she's a garage sale genius.

Sugar City Journal Blog
simple servant frock pattern

Peeking out of the top left is the linen tea towel for Cele, one of my give-away winners. Just a little way of me letting you all know that I haven't forgotten and hope to have them mailed out by this weekend. I'll post full pix of each winner's gift once they are on their way!

The little drawing in the middle is a quick little sketch that has been in my head all week. I keep thinking of the true lives of these lovely matryoskas I seem to see all over blog land. I'm glad I put it on paper (actually a very nice envelope that I rescued from the recycling). I'm wanting to try my hand at scanning in pen and ink drawings so that I can digitally color them with photo shop. Many artists I admire use the this technique...ZukZuk's work comes to mind immediately.
When I jumped over there to get her link, I saw that she is having another give-away! Letting you in on this will certainly decrease my chances of winning...but I just purchased one of her pieces the other day, so I can share!

Check out Resurrection Fern's posts here and here for a new and lovely twist on the traditional Russian doll. This drawing is part of a new challenge I took on at close to midnight last night...yes, I'm a bit crazy! The challenge is to draw something each day for the month of October. You can find out more at the blog of Bad's probably not too late to join in. I'm going to squeeze this exercise into my daily routine because it feels very important to my artistic growth at this moment. My response to reading about it (longing and fear) made me know I had to push myself. I'll be posting my drawings every few days on flickr.

Hope your week is fun and full! Pin It


  1. when i saw the first picture of your drawing i thought they were trick or treating - i wonder what russian dolls woul look like dressed for halloween. hmmm.

    can't wait to see the finished window display!

  2. Keep em coming!! You have the best projects!! In the first photo..I have to say I really like those leaf designs..with the newspaper..very neat!! The cards are great too!!! :)

  3. Aww, your drawing is adorable! I can't wait to see more!

  4. I 2nd Blogging Molly I thought you might be planning some russion doll costumes! lol

  5. how is it that your "messes" are even prettier than mine?

  6. ok, when you get the photoshop coloring in thing figured out will you please teach me??? digital art really intimidates me. I started the big draw too...literally only had like 5 minutes to spare on it tonight while digesting supper!

  7. Great projects, and I have strong confidence that you'll do a super job with the commercial pattern.

    I didn't officially sign up for the art a day project, but I'm trying it on my own. I'll eagerly watch your Flickr account for your drawings.

  8. Thanks for your enjoying my bit of creative frenzy. I'm really excited to see a bunch of you joining in either officially or not in the October Challenge. I also love the thought of matryoshka Halloween costumes...might have to consider that:)