Friday, October 17, 2008

knittin' and drawin'

After my last post, a cold snap hit and we've all been enjoying more inside cozy time. My goal at the beginning of the week was to start knitting... the weather inspired me more than ever. My daughter has just about outgrown the mittens I made two years ago (size 2-4 really lasted). After many stops and starts in the form of gauge swatches and yarn changes, I am finally casting on tonight. I'll let you know how it goes, but I've selected a new-to-me washable merino wool, called Saphira. I bought it locally, but here's a link I found for you. Have you ever knit mittens before? It's fairly basic, and if they are for wee hands, they knit up quickly. I've collected way too many patterns... if I knitted non-stop for the rest of my life, I still wouldn't have used them all. Especially, since I always come back to the book pictured above, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. It allows me the freedom to use whatever yarn I want, because each pattern is charted with multiple gauges. This book also gives ideas on how to customize each pattern to make it unique. Basically, it's a guide for the type of person who likes to create their own recipes with what they've already got stashed away... that's me! The super delicious alpaca (above) was too drapey for mittens...but makes a great hat (made one last year for another niece of mine...I have four). Blue was the request...guess that's obvious. If you're not a knitter, yet...this is a wonderful time of year to start. Because of upcoming holidays and winter weather, many knitters come out of the woodwork. Ask an experienced friend to get you started. Most knitters love giving help and advice.

My children and I have also been very busy drawing. the October Big Draw has had a big impact on our family. The next picture was taken this morning before breakfast...a spontaneous drawing session. There have been many!

My son hasn't been this interested in drawing since he was six or seven. We now spend regular evening hours side-by-side sketching in front of the the woodstove. It's become a magical part of our day and I don't want it to end when we move into November. I've included several of my drawings from the last week or so. You can find more in my photstream on flickr (in the sidebar).

retro robot:


knitting matryoshkas:

matryoshka family:

A number of readers have been writing in to say they've made various newspaper buntings or paper leaves...please consider joining the flickr pool of maya*made I'd love to see them!

Check back soon...I've got a little tutorial coming up shortly. Pin It


  1. I adore your drawings. The knitting matryoshka one is my favorite . You should try to make this in some sort of three dimensional way involving actual knitting. It would be so wonderful. I love mittens and since they are saying it may snow in Ontario this weekend i am thinking of pulling out our mittens. Seeing if we still have any matching sets and then maybe I will cast some one as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Knitting is the best. I, too, love your drawings. Wish I could draw. My kids are great at it. As I write my daughter is fashioning a comic book. Gotta love it! Happy knitting!

  3. The little Russian doll family is sweet. As is the drawing you did of your son drawing...the robot, yes? How wonderful to imagine you all sitting by the wood stove drawing together. It sounds like something out of another century.
    congratulations to you for creating so much art in your family and teaching them the love of it.

  4. PS. I love to knit too and do. Have lots posted on my blog. Taught myself with books and have one similiar to yours for creating kids sweaters...when my twin grandchildren were born four years ago. Been at it ever since. They love their sweaters and hats grandma Lynnie makes them.

  5. I most certainly hope your family drawing times don't stop in November. How wonderful that your son is rediscovering a love for drawing. My favorite sketch of yours is the robot ;)

  6. that knitting book sounds perfect - i'm the same kind of knitter. just give me a general formula and let fill in the details. i'll have to check that out. love the drawings. i think these short fall days lend themselves well to drawing - my son has certainly been on a drawing streak. last night he worked in his observational drawing book (thank goodness for camp creek press), and the other day he learned about shading. so fun.

    i've got a newspaper bunting on my to-do list. i'll definitely post it upon completion.

  7. You are one talented lady! WHat a fun way to spend time with your son!

  8. awesome sketches! the center piece on the table totally caught my eye! beautiful!