Saturday, October 25, 2008

countdown to halloween...

Just stopping in to wish you a lovely Saturday. We'll be finishing up costumes, carving pumpkins, and baking cookies for the next couple of days. Hope you're having a great weekend filled with Halloween fun. Here are a few holiday links I wanted to share, just in case you don't already know about them:
The Crafty Crow: a huge line-up of wonderful children's crafts, sweets, and more for Halloween
one pretty thing's Halloween Round-ups: brimming with Halloween DIY and fun hand-made ideas
Green Halloween: an entire site (with a blog) dedicated to eco and alternative Halloween choices
family fun costumes: there's still time to make your own are some great ideas
Martha Stuart Quick and Easy supermarket costumes: just what the title says :)

I'll leave you with these pictures I took at the barn last week. These are my Grandfather's Halloween costumes from the early 1920's. Yes, we've saved them...wouldn't you!?

The one on the left is a mime or maybe a clown. The right is a Native American Indian with head dress. The vintage pumpkin on top of the rack seemed just right.

Thanks for all of your great feed back and enthusiasm about my sack ideas... I've got a bunch more! Next week I hope to share another tutorial, art project, recipe, and a little announcement. See you then! Pin It


  1. how amazing to have those vintage costumes, and with such a personaly connection too! Fabulous!

  2. Oh, my gosh, how much do I love those vintage costumes!!! How amazing are they?? I wish my mom had been a more sentimental person...between her dad and herself, I know sooooo little about the family! :(

  3. That is so amazing that someone thought to save those. I think that I have never seen vintage costumes before.

    I love that real pumpkin too. The wide one on your porch. We must not have that strain of them around here.

  4. I love those vintage costumes. That is such an amazing family heirloom. We used to have a huge tickle trunk filled with costumes in our basement when I was growing up but none were as old as yours. My personal favorites were the gypsy ones that my sisters and I would dress up in and adorn ourselves with all the necklaces and scarves that we could find. See, my gypsy nature started way back then. I am going to be carving my pumpkins this week as well but no young ones here to costume. Maybe I should dress up the 3 kitties in the house. Oops, I think edgar heard me because he just raced out of the room.

  5. This is one of my most favorite holidays. I celebrated pumpkin carving and apple picking with my grandkids yesterday and will blog it today! Fun costumes you have going too. ;-) Have fun.

  6. Aww, thanks so much for the mention!

    Those costumes are incredible! It's so cool that they've saved all these years. Not long until they're 100 years old...pretty amazing.

  7. I had no idea these costumes existed!!!what a treasure

  8. i hope there's still time to make costumes!! because i haven't even started yet! ;o)

  9. if I had these I would keep them forever! so, so wonderful...the last photo makes me smile...xo