Wednesday, September 17, 2008

on my desk...

On my desk today I have plans for more sewing and the patterns I hope to try. I also just got these very cool recycled corrugated cardboard 3-ring binders from New Leaf. RE-BINDERS! Hoping they will be the new home for my various bits of inspiration torn from magazines ,etc. Oh, and a delicious recipe for roasted acorn squash with a lime chile vinaigrette. My sister-in-law makes it every Thanksgiving, but I'm craving it now! My desire for winter squash and root vegetables always kicks in around the Fall Equinox.
You can go see Kirsty for more "on my desk..." players.
Oh and just a bit of happiness...that little girl of mine LOVES her new skirt. She's very particular and doesn't like everything I make... so I'm thrilled! It's very play-friendly...she wore it all morning at a playground...running, sliding and swinging on bars! She placed and order for a second brown...what a great choice!

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  1. I agree, she needs it in brown...oh and FYI your dest is so much cleaner than mine.

  2. Please don't take a blog break because i would be very lonely here in blog land. I love sewing children's clothes and really miss it. Alas my children are all grown up. I still get to upcycle thrift store finds and add special details to basics but it just isn't the same. I used to day dream of designing a whole line of children's clothing. I might have to wait until I have grandchildren one day or design play clothes for the young at heart.

  3. mrs. french- this is the tidy's a big desk with much room for piles on the other side!

    margie- I had to wait quite some time to make little girl clothes and therefore am extremely appreciative of this opportunity. I think designing play clothes sounds brilliant. No chance of a blog break in the near future...we'll have to miss Zen Crafter together until she returns!

  4. My smallest is a lover of brown too.

  5. Yep she's needs a brown one. It will go with everything! I can't wait to see what projects you are cooking up!