Wednesday, September 10, 2008

on my desk...

Today is a cozy "home day". We don't have as many of these as we used to and I miss them. I made up my list last night and I hope to get to most of it done before the sun goes down. Not an easy task, when the biggest priority is taking a little girl for a walk in our woods. I added my list...doodles and all to my desk "scene". Also up are a couple of pincushions (toadstools) and finding frames for a couple of my grandfather's prints from the 1950's. I feel a post coming up soon about the inevitability of my love for print-making...mother, father, grandfather...all artists who had periods of silk-screening and printing in their lives. Must be my turn. Hope you're finding time for making something (even just a little something) today! Pin It


  1. What a great desktop scene. Those toadstools are adorable!

  2. Oh, Maya..! (I seem to start every comment here with that sentence, ha ha...). I love your posts.
    I am planning to do so many things today, but it's already five in the afternoon, and yet haven't done any of them.
    The main one being starting the making of a tutu for Zoe, who'a all into ballet these days.
    OK, today was her music-workshop day at the music school, so that took us the whole morning. And then had lunch with Zoe's sister, because she's leaving tomorrow on a trip for the whole month. So, I am a little excused in my laziness... Am I?

  3. I love your list and your priorities! We could all benefit from a walk in the woods...

  4. Another fellow list-maker! I have to say, yours are much prettier with all the doodling. Even your doodles are so inspiring! Love the trees!

  5. It's a family affair, clearly in the genes. I love looking at people's little work spaces.

  6. Eeek...there they are again. I heart those toadstools.



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