Monday, August 11, 2008

mystery box unveiled

I'd like to give another big thanks to everyone who participated in my first give-away! Christine, of the winning number, let me know that her box just arrived in the I am free to share the contents with you. I included a couple of little things that were designed by me and something vintage. Here's what she received:

1. A nature collecting bucket with a removable handle... you know how much I encourage collecting sticks and stones! Of course, it can also just organize little things.

2. A pin cushion with leftover fabric from this project.

3. A hand-painted stone doll inspired by the print that just won Christine a prize here.

4. One of my favorite vintage aprons...probably made by a local farmer's wife in the 40's/50's.

I love making things to you can count on more give-aways of the hand-made variety coming up soon! Pin It


  1. What a lovely goodie bag you created! The collecting bucket is beautifully constructed!

  2. Indeed, that collecting bucket is just great, I must make some for my children, they like to collect things and carry it around..

  3. That bucket is just lovely! I need to make something similar for my little homeschooler. We're planning on working on a nature program similar to what they do here:
    I'm very excited to get started with her, even so young! I'm jealous of Christine...she made out with some wonderful goodies!

  4. That is one of the best giveaways I've ever seen. I love everything!

  5. love the bucket- and I LOVE the fabric the stone/doll rests on!

  6. dang it... i've been away for awhile and missed the drawing :O)

    love all the pretty things you've made.

  7. I love everything!! Great picks and the bucket is sure to get a lot of uses!! Love all your crafts! :)

  8. I feel so lucky to have won this amazing giveaway- thanks again!! and i assure you- everything is even cuter in person!

  9. Oooo, I love the nature bucket! Such a great thing to have...especially win. Great swag bag!



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