Monday, July 21, 2008

barn tour: part three

Thanks for all of your enthusiastic feedback and birthday wishes on Friday. It was a wonderful weekend filled with family, swimming and berry picking. The barn tour continues with a peek upstairs. The old hayloft is now a spacious and light-filled studio/bedroom with a future bathroom plumbed for a claw foot tub. Six windows were added to the barn's original top floor configuration. Each one has a view of woods, treetops or wildflowers and allows natural light to pour in. The open floor plan is divided in the middle by a staircase, surrounded by corrugated metal and framed with old wood salvaged from the barn. The floors date from 1888, and the darkened patina left from the original wood stove is a little reminder of long ago winters.

Next shot shows the view from the bedroom into the the studio featuring a mix of recessed lights and old gas station pendants.

A bouquet of Queen Anne's lace mingles with vintage elements including an old German marionette.

This wrought iron bed frame will eventually hold a mattress, but until it arrives, we thought it was the perfect place to display an antique parasol.

Vintage metal high chair...have you noticed my mother has a weakness for metal chairs? We bought the frames at an auction and have many plans for them...none involving traditional pictures. One may hold a blackboard, another an inspiration board...perhaps a mirror. We'll see. It so fun to have great materials to experiment with.

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  1. Thanks for a peek at the upstairs of the barn. It is such a lofty, gorgeous space and so inspiring. I can't wait to see what is created using those frames!

  2. I've loved every single detail. From the parasols to the old wood floors. All of it. Congrats on Design Sponge, and Happy Birthday!! I hadn't seen your stone dolls before now. You are such a delightful, creative, blessed person - enjoy it all!

  3. Oh. I love it as much as the downstairs. What a beautiful soul your barn has. Gorgeous, all of it!

  4. I am enjoying this tour so much! My favorite part is the parasol. Well my favorite part changes every minute ;)

  5. I love this space so much . Maybe your mom would be interested in a house swap sometime in the future. The light, angles and space are fantastic on the top floor and what I really love about old barns I have been fortunate to visit.

  6. Thanks so much, I can't believe the reception the barn is getting. It's such a joy to share and Margie's question about house swapping has been coming up a lot recently. It's something that we'd like to explore down the road.

  7. It's a wonderful place...I'd love a barn, too!

  8. That's it...I can't take anymore...the perfection is killing me!



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