Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the wee little people

When I was a girl, I believed very strongly that there were little people...miniature flower folk that lived hidden in gardens and tucked away in secret places in the woods. I'd spend every summer building elaborate stick and stone dwellings....little landscaped villages with ponds and streams (hand dug and filled by a hose). I just knew that they came every evening to play in their little fenced yards and sleep on their mossy beds...sometimes, I even saw their tiny, fading footprints when I'd do my morning check for traces of their visits. As I got older, my belief started to waver...but along came my little sister (nine years younger and a flower fairy, herself)...The summers of the little people continued as I created for and with her for many magical years.
During the spring my son turned two, I began making little flower folks for him...we'd bring them out to the garden and let the natural surroundings guide our play with them. I made them seasonally and shared them with all of the children in our life. Now, seven years later, I am introducing them to all of you. This is Rosita, in her rose petal skirt (she's been with us for a while)...she's on her way to meet the new little people in the neighborhood. She'd be delighted if you'd stop back tomorrow to meet them, too!

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  1. those are so sweet. A few weeks ago we found a tiny little fern growing in the crevice of a tree. Little boy asked who planted it there- I told him that it must have been a fairy!

  2. this is so wonderful! melts my heart.

  3. Hi Maya Made... We too have a garden full of little people and their little homes - eventually I had to contain them into a corner of our garden - they were getting somewhat rampant!!! Needless to say yet another thing we have in common. Lots of love se7en.

  4. Hi se7ven! I've been missing you! This is an especially sweet thing to share...oh, I guess all of our "mutuals" have been significantly sentimental...love that!

  5. that is so sweet, maya. you have passed something precious on and kept the magic alive. i know it makes the fairies happy :)



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