Friday, June 13, 2008


We had some local goodness this week. There so many sources for delicious, organic vegetables, dairy, and meat in our neighborhood. This time of year makes me feel quite spoiled. Hot night... cold dinner: Asian asparagus noodle salad. Even the egg noodles were from a source down the road...with the farmer's own eggs! Check out your local farmers market or join a csa.

I also wanted to pass on a little "materials" info for my stone dolls. I changed from a cheap craft paint with a semi fine brush to Liquitex Professional Acrylic Artist Color (something I've used to paint on canvas before...not too much$$) and very fine tipped brush. It made a world of difference in the experience of painting and in the end result. Stones are porous in varying degrees so results seem to vary from one to another. Happy painting!

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  1. What a beautiful post! .... Been catching up: awesome stone dolls (and loved the simple thoughts) and a huge congratulations on a beautiful new store!!