Sunday, May 4, 2008

store opening soon!

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I'm assisting the owner of a local children's re-sale shop with the design of her new and expanded store, Mama Goose. It's such a surreal experience to see something in 3-D that had only been on paper before. Look forward to some sneak peeks in the next week or two. Here are some little projects I've been working on from my home studio. At a recent auction we picked up these amazing mid-century modern chairs. They were dirty and covered in peeling paint. Thanks to some help from Kelly's amazingly talented staff at Mama Goose, these chairs are about to take on a whole new life...sitting in prominent parts of the store. Over the weekend I made cushions with fabric from reprodepot and now I wish I could keep them all. Here's one visiting my living room:

I've been designing magnets for a large galvanized steel play wall that will be part of a playspace for the 5 and under set that shops at the store. I went for simple wooden letters that I sanded, oiled, and adhered strips of magnets to the back.

I got some wonderful help from Gunther, of Wild Apples. He's a master woodworker and toymaker extraordinaire! He used the Mama Goose's icon (of a hip mama with her baby in a carrier) and created a 10 inch silhouette on thick wood...cut into three pieces.

The next stage is really fun: I'm turning them into magnetic, mix-and- match, dress-up geese.
I had had this idea months ago, but didn't know how I could ever manufacture it. Thanks to Gunther, they're going to be a delight to share with all of the children that come through the store each day. I'll post more pictures when they're complete.

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  1. I love everything you`ve constructed- so many fun projects and the craftsmenship looks exquisite too. I have low patience when it comes to "long-term" projects and never let paint or glue dry all the way... i`m always to excited for the finished project and it always is kinda messed up!

    Good luck with your new endeavors! :)

  2. Thanks for the sneak peek at your Mama Goose projects! The fabric choice on the chair is fabulous--and I don't expect anything less than that from YOU. And those wooden magnets are genuis. I'm assuming that the mama geese are going to be multicolored and interchangeable? Oh, I guess I have to be patient!

  3. Kelly, of Mama Goose, picked out the fabric early on and it ended up being perfect for the chairs. The wooden geese are going to be very colorful and interchangeable...I'm working on it!

  4. Kimma,
    Thanks so much for your great feedback! I love that your were checkin' in bright and early this morning!