Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm a very intuitive sewer, making my own patterns and tracing them onto newspaper. Sometimes I take a sleeve from one shirt and a neckline from something totally different. I often make it up as I go along. It's very exciting and nerve-wracking...I'm never sure what the end result will be. My goal is to gain confidence in following "real" patterns, but not lose the freedom and thrill I get from figuring it out as I go. Deconstructing clothes (taking a ready-made item and creating something totally different) lends itself to this kind of "free form" sewing very naturally. Here is a dress I'm working on for my daughter. It started out as an oversized GAP t-shirt and has morphed into an A-line play dress with capped sleeves and lettuce edging inspired by some of the the adult clothing made by Secret Lentil. It is now ready to be embellished and I have several ideas in the works. I'll post it as soon as it's done!

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  1. Hmmm, I see some elephants on the pattern piece. It looks great, and I love the little pleat in front.

  2. This is so nice!
    I was wondering if you could share the "how to" make those lettuce edgings? Thanks.

  3. Great work.
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  4. hey thanks for the mention, which I just found today! how did the dress turn out?
    helen (secret lentil!)