Friday, May 16, 2008


While I was up in the attic, packing away the winter clothes, I stumbled upon a missing treasure. This swiss music box merry-go-round had been mine when I was a baby. I had been wanting to put it in a little vignette in one of the kids' rooms, but could never find it. I was so happy to discover it, but realized it was in pretty bad shape. A little elbow grease and some glue and it's looking fine. Once it's dry I'll have to find a special spot for it. I just love fixing things!

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  1. What a sweet treasure to find in your own attic. I have two things--an embroidered vintage tablecloth and a Children's Day banner from Japan--that I've been searching for. Maybe one day soon I'll get organized and discover where they're hiding.

  2. What a great treasure to have found. I am in envy.

  3. Hi maya*made - I have to comment! I have the exact same music box - my parents bought it for me for my first birthday, when they spent a year in switzerland... many many years ago... I love it , about the one childhood thing I have taken with me from home to home...
    have a good day.

  4. se7en, I love stories like that! I was born in 1969...any chance we're about the same age?

  5. yup! we were in switzerland in September 1968, for my first birthday - can't bring myself to actually breathe my age - but do the math! Isn't this amazing...



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