Monday, March 24, 2008

design madness

Two months ago, my design ideas and suggestions were recognized by a wonderful local entrepreneur, Kelly Moreland. Kelly owns Mama Goose, a hip and extremely popular children's clothing and toy resale shop. Mama Goose's original store-front was bursting at the seams and Kelly was looking to expand to a larger building. She asked me to be her design consultant and pull out those idea books!! One of the first things she did was to turn me on to one of her favorite blogs, DesignSponge. I loved checking out their DIY Wednesdays. I even decided to enter their DIY contest with one of my many ideas...a modern children's table and chair set, created out of a cardboard concrete mold. I love finding new uses for common supplies/objects I already have at home or things that are readily available to anyone. The cardboard tubes are inexpensive and at every home building store.

I entered the contest with the goal of getting used to putting my creations out there. I never anticipated the wonderful reception they would receive. Out of 500 different designs, my little set became a semi-finalist. I had a weekend to re-shoot photos with 100 other excited DIYers. I then went on to become one of the top 20...a finalist in the DesignSponge DIY contest 2008! My table and chairs, along with 19 other fantastic and creative DIY projects, were posted on DesignSponge.
Click here, to see my set and all the others. There was a tense week of public voting. Although I didn't win a prize in the contest, I won an absolutely priceless gift...the confidence to keep creating and making each and every one of those ideas in all of my little books. So thanks to all of you who voted for me and each of you who check back to see what I come up with next. I've got a bunch up my sleeves...
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