Friday, February 3, 2012

how to: stiched half heart

stitched half heart
Here's some more of what came out of this weeks heart play. These little stitched ones are incredibly quick and very satisfying for using up bits from the scrap basket. They make wonderful gift toppers and look beautiful hanging from a delicate branch. Make them into a vertical garland by attaching several together or tie them to a string for a horizontal bunting. Machine sewn or hand stitched, they're fun and versatile. Bet you can't stop making them once you start!
cutting hearts
Fold fabric in half to cut out hearts free-hand. For light-weight and shifty fabrics, I recommend ironing them to a piece of freezer paper first. Just remember to use old scissors not your best fabric shears or the paper will dull the blade. I loved using the creased hem of an old curtain I've been using up for many projects.
2 halves
Use the first heart as the template for cutting out the second, so that they match.
Open them each and place right side to right side.
Stitch down the center fold.

Fold each heart onto itself and sew down the center with a decorative stitch that catches both sides- zig zag or feather work well. Snip off the excess thread at the bottom, but keep the ones on top for hanging...or keep adding hearts with a little room between the two and then hang.
hanging stitched half hearts
Have a loving and creative weekend!
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  1. Lovely lovely lovely :) i can see them on cushions or bunting :)

  2. Those are so pretty! I hope your weekend is filled with much joy and happiness Maya.

  3. Ooooh I love this. Easy and satisfying. I think I may need to go open the bag of scraps! Time to play with color, hooray. Thank you Maya.

  4. Hi Maya!! I've linked this post to a list of St Valentine's goodies in my blog. It's so neat and adorable!!
    Thank you for the tutorial (and please let me know if you do not want the linking)

  5. So simple and I love them! I'm totally making some this weekend. Thank you~

  6. these are beautiful and so do-able! thanks for sharing!

  7. loving these...must make some with my kiddos :)